Monday, October 8, 2018

3 Smiling

written by Chakriya PHOU
photo by Chakriya PHOU

You knew I loved you so much.You saw my mind. So you liked to make me angry, you liked to make me cry.
You knew I was scared. You knew I depended on you almost everything.
When we visited Bangkok with friends, you did not care about me. You walked away from me. I needed to run after you.
I asked you to take me to visit Asiatique. You pretended you did not hear me. You chat with your friends. You left me alone.
I was so angry. I thought you looked down on me. I would not bear with you anymore.
I went to Asiatique alone. I did not know where it was and how to reach it but I was not fear, I asked people along the way.
I bought ticket. I rode subway train. After that I bought ticket and rode on boat. It was so crowded. I was jostled while I was in queue to ride on boat.
The night was cold but I sweat among the crowd. Even though, I did not give up. I had to reach my goal.
At last, I arrived Asiatique.
I did not know Thai and my English was poor but I did shopping happily.
When I rode the boat back, I was surprised to see you. I had no idea that you followed me.
You came to sit next to me and asked, 'Are you hungry? I want to bring you to have buffet at Baiyoke Sky.'
I smiled because at last you cared about me. 
I smiled because at last I became strong.
I smiled because at last you were fear to lose me when you realized I would not depend on you anymore.

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