Saturday, October 13, 2018

Don't go to balcony, in dark

written by Chakriya PHOU

My grand mother used to tell me not to stay at balcony from 6pm till night. I asked her, 'Why?'. She said because there were a lot of them there.
I wondered who were they? I asked her but she did not answer me.
I kept it in my brain. I would find answer by myself.
One day, I decided to find the answer.
It was about 6:30 PM. The sky was dark blue. I stood at the balcony alone. I took deep breath to take fresh air into my body. It was long time ago that I had stood to look at the view; mostly, I stayed in house, watching TV or play phone.
Time passed slowly. I was here alone but I felt there were noisy. I felt that there were people around me.
I tried to look around, to next balconies of neighbor's, but it was no one, only me here.
I started to feel not good. I stood and looked straight to the building before me. Then my rim of eye caught a lady standing about o.5 meters from me. I turned my face to, she disappeared. I tried to calm down my feeling. I turned face back.
After that, another man appeared on my right hand. He stood by wall that blocked my balcony and the neighbor's. He was looking at me. When I turned face to him, he disappeared like a flash.
I began to fear. I asked myself, 'Is it real? Or I just imagine?'
I closed my eyes. I could not see but I could feel. It was like watching security camera. I could feel a lot of guys standing at my balcony and walking pass my balcony to another. There were women and men, they were old and young. Some of them looked at me, some of them stood close to me, some of them stood behind me and some were standing far from me but they made their neck long to be near me.
I opened my eyes. I ran into house. I closed the door. My family was in living room. I ran there. I sat next to my mother. I was fear but I tried to pretend I was fine. I was afraid that my mother would scold me if she knew I did something crazy like that.
After that day, I did not go out to balcony whether dark or noon.

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