Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Ghost on Bamboo Tree

written by Chakriya PHOU
illustrated by Chakriya PHOU

My family bought a house. It was not in downtown. It was far from Phnom Penh. It was like at county side.
At the corner of road to my house, there were bamboos.
When I drove motor pass it to school, in the morning, the wind blew and I heard strange voice from the bamboo.
I heard the villagers told my mother not to go pass or near the bamboo at noon and around 4pm. They told her that there was ghost there.
My mother did not say anything to family. Perhaps she did not believe or she did not want to scare us.
I was not afraid of spirit. I wanted to know the truth.
One Saturday, I had lunch already. My mother was busy washing up. My siblings were taking nap. My father was taking shower. I left the house and went toward the bamboo.
I stood about 1 meter from the bamboo and looked around it. Nothing with the bamboo. It was just tree like other trees. So I decided to return to my house. When I turned my face, I heard a sound. It was like a music from flute but I could know it was from mouth, human mouth.
I turned back to the bamboo. I looked at it. Then the wind blew.. it pulled my eyes to look at the top of bamboo trees.
Over there, I saw a woman sitting on top of the bamboos.
What? How could she sit on it? How could she go up to it?
The woman wore white gown and long cover her legs and feet. She had black hair. Her hair was long like her gown. I could not see her face. She looked at another side.
At first, I had no fear but when I reminded about the villager's speech, I got goose flesh. I looked at the top of bamboos again. She disappeared.
Oh, Buddha helped. I ran home without hesitating.
I did not tell anyone about that incident but I tried to prevent my siblings from going near the bamboo. I did not want them to be scared. Also, I did not dare to go near it.

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