Monday, October 8, 2018

Ghost's Hand on Window

written by Chakriya PHOU

In 1990, I was a teacher. I was assigned to teach children at Battambang. 
There was a building for teachers to stay.
I got room close to stair.
My room had three windows, one was in front, next to the door and other two were on opposite wall.
I went to school from morning till evening. Generally, I arrived room about 6pm. There were other teachers stay in the building. They usually called me to have dinner outside but I did not because I liked to eat in room.
When I finished dinner, I closed the two windows and door, only window next to the door was opened. I took shower then I checked my pupils' assignment.
While I corrected pupils' assignment, I usually noticed a hand on the opened window. At first, I thought it was a shadow cause by the lamp's light. But it was there almost everyday and every evening when I did my task.
One night, I was checking the exercise of my pupils. I turned my head to the window to see if the hand was there or not. I saw that hand. It was there, the same place.
I stopped and looked at it carefully. It was white and looked like hand of lady. I wanted to know so I got off chair and walked to the door. I opened the door and looked. No one was near the window and the hand was not there.
'Why?' I thought. I went in my room and walked to the window. The hand was disappeared. I put question in my head, 'perhaps I dazzled.' So, I closed the window, the door and walked to my seat.
I sat down and continued my work.
Then I heard something on the window. I turned my face and I saw that hand. It was on window, at the same place. I was surprised. How could it come in? I felt goose flesh. The room was hot but then it turned to be cool and cooler and cooler.
I was frighten. I got off chair and ran to opened the door. I ran quickly to next room, opposite direction, and knocked the door. It was room of female teacher. I did not dare to look at the window. I knocked and knocked. The room owner did not open. I knocked strongly. I was so scared. Then the door was opened. The lady wore the skirt wrapped around her bosom. She showed question on her face. I did not say, I just got into her room and asked her to close the door immediately. She followed me. She asked me, 'What's happened?' I did not answer yet. I asked her, 'Can I stay with you tonight?' She looked at me then said, 'OK.'
I stayed in her room quietly. She did not asked me at that night.
In the morning, I got up and back to my room.
The sun was shining but I was still frightened. Lamp in my room was switched on whole night. I kept it. I took shower very quick and dressed up for school.
I met with other teachers at lunch time including a lady teacher that I shared room. She asked me and I told her and everyone. They seemed not surprised. One of the teacher said, 'It is normal. We ever saw and all teachers that stay in the building have seen it.'
I was so scared when I heard. I was told that it was hand of ghost. The ghost was woman. I was afraid she would come to me again so I asked the manager of the building to change to another building near the school.
One year later, I came back to work in Phnom Penh.

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