Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Husband Selection Standard

written by Chakriya PHOU

Rita and Meng were friend since they were in high school. They went to same university and same class.
4 years passed, they graduated.
Meng had a feeling on Rita for years. On the graduation day, he decided to confess his love. He walked to Rita and said, 'Rita, I have something to tell you.' Rita smiled and said, 'Yes, please.'
Meng took a breathe then claimed, 'I love you. I want to marry with you.'
He thought Rita would smile or she would be shy and ran away but she was not. Her expression was normal. She seemed not surprise to hear his word. She made Meng curious about her answer.
'Thanks for your love. We are friend.' Rita said.
Meng was upset to hear. He put down his face and exclaimed, 'I know. It is because I am poor.'
'Oh, you know it?' said Rita.
Hearing her sentence, Meng felt not good, 'What does she mean?' He thought. He looked at Rita's face and claimed, 'I never knew you are that kind of woman.'
His word was harsh but Rita smiled and said to him with normal voice, 'I am such kind of woman since I was born. I don't want to marry with guy like you. You don't have anything. You have motor but your mother bought it for you. You have house but it is your parents' house. In Cambodia, when man engages a woman, he has to offer some money to woman's family. If I agreed to marry you, you would not have money to offer to my parents, your parents would give their money instead. Also, you would not have money for wedding ceremony expense, your parents and my parents would be responsible. How could I marry you?'
Meng looked into Ritas' eyes. He understood what she mean. He said to her, 'I will make money and then I will be responsible all to deserve your love.'
'When you make it, then you can come back to me if you want still.'
Rita smiled then she left for her motor.

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