Saturday, October 6, 2018

Lina Hang

written by Chakriya PHOU
edited by Arnold Zable
illustrated by Lina LONG

MC:               Ladies and gentlemen, today the Fairy of the Sun contest has reached the final round. We have 6 beautiful ladies selected fromthe previous round in the final phase of this contest. Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to present the 6 women...number 8, number 30, number 13, number 27, number 9 and number 36. Well, I’d like to inform the six finalists and the audience that there is only one winner and the winner will become the bride of the son of the Hang family, the sponsors of this contest. Today’s final round has also been sponsored by the son of the Hang family, and he will, (MC turns to contestants) once the result is known, marry one of you.
OK, let’s start the game... There is a table in front of you; there are 7 kinds of food – beef stake, grilled chicken, fried egg, durian, banana, mango, and orange juice. One of you has to finish eating all 7 varieties of food within 30 minutes; the contestant who finishes on time will be the winner. OK, get ready... let’s start.

(The game starts)

MC:                Wow, everyone, this is an amazing contest...oh, the ladies are eating quickly... number 30 is so fast; she does not hesitate; she eats number 8, 13 and 36 give up; they cannot defeat the food. We still have number 27, number 9 and number 30. Oh, god...number 27 gives, number 9 also gives up...I feel sorry for them; they need medicine. Now only number 30 is enjoying her meal. OHHH, incredible. Ladies and gentlemen, we have found the winner... number 30 finishes eating the 7 varieties of food in 20 minutes. She becomes Mr. Hang’s bride.

(Audience applauds)

MC:              Well, I think everyone would like to know, Mr. Hang, why you organised and sponsored such a game?
Mr. Hang:      In general, a lady does not eat much. She wants to be pretty and she wants to have a good figure. Also, a man likes to have a pretty wife. Me too, but I also want my wife to be strong. For example, when we go shopping...normally, the husband must do the heavy work but I want my wife and I to carry it together. It is like we share all sadness and happiness together...that’s why I created this program, to find the woman of my dreams – beautiful, kind, friendly and STRONG.

MC:               Thank you, Mr. Hang. You have cleared our doubts. And you, Ms. Lina? Can I know how often you eat per day?
Ms. Lina:        I eat five times a day.
MC:               Oh... really? is reason you looked so unafraid of the food on the table. You eat a lot, but your figure is awesome.
Ms. Lina:        I eat and I do exercise every morning. I also play sport on weekends.
MC:                Well, they are pre-destined couple. Ladies and gentlemen...please, cheer Mr. Hang and Ms. Lina.

(Everyone shouts and applauds)

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