Monday, October 15, 2018

Man, Jealous Too

written by Chakriya PHOU

Chillis are spicy; women are always jealous...

It is a song sang by Ros Sereysothea and other famous two singers. I like this song. I always display it in the evening. My husband laughs when he hears this song.

I listen to the song and think that woman loves her man truly that’s why she is always jealous when she see her husband close with girls. Man does not understand. He usually blames wife that her mind is narrow. My husband likes to say this to me too.

I live with my husband and a nephew; he is son of my cousin. We got married for two years but we don't have kid yet.

One neighbor has a son. He was about 2 years old. When my husband goes to work, I usually take him home and take him back before my husband arrives.

Everytime I bring baby, I put him on our bed. I was told that if I wanted a baby, I should bring baby to play on bed. It is a belief of Cambodian. 

My husband does not know about the kid.

One day, my husband comes home early. I am in bedroom, playing with kid. I do not know that he arrives.

My husband does not see me, he asks my nephew. My nephew says, 'Auntie is in the room with young man.' Suddenly, his face becomes red. He throws his bag and runs to the bedroom. He pushes the door strongly. I am so surprised; he never does like this. His face looks like he wants to kill someone. When he enters the room, he sees me carry a baby. He stands still and opens eyes big. I ask him, 'What’s matter?' He says, 'No, no, nothing.'

My nephew stands at the door. He was surprised and scared to see my husband's behavior so he followed him. At first, he is little bit confused but then he understands that my husband was wrong about the word 'young man'; he might think I cheated on him with a young man. My nephew walks out and laughs. My husband smiles with shyness. He pretends nothing happened and comes to sit near me and plays with the baby.

At the evening, I carry the baby back to his mother and I ask my nephew what happened at the afternoon. He tells me. I laugh after I hear the story. My nephew says, 'Aunt, I never see uncle angers like this. This afternoon, he was really angry. His face was red. He ran to the room. I was scared when he pushed the door. He loves you that's why he is jealous.'
I smile.

At night, when we go to bed, my husband asks me, 'Today, you do not play the song.'
'I stop.' I say.
'Why?' My husband asks.
'Because now I know that not only woman is jealous but also man is.' I say.

My husband smiles and as he turns off the light, he says, 'I want a kid.'

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