Pchum Ben 14th Night

written by Chakriya PHOU

Cambodian celebrated Pchum Ben. It was Buddhism's ceremony. Cambodian believed that ancestors would come to receive food, drink and other things in Pchum Ben. There were 15 days.
I did not like the crowd and I was allergic to incense smoke so I didn't go to pagoda during Pchum Ben.
On 14th day of Pchum Ben, I felt unwell. I felt sleepy since the morning. At night, I went to bed early.
I was half sleep half awake. I saw my grand mother standing at my head. Her expression was not good. She looked like she was angry. She stood there for long then she disappeared and I awoke.
The room was dark. I checked the watch, it was 12 AM.
I got up and left bed room. I went into bathroom that was in front of the bed room. When I was doing my job, I heard dog barking loudly then it howled. At first, I did not care but then I felt there was cold wind around my body and I felt someone was standing outside the bathroom.
I tried to confuse myself that it was myself who thought or imagined, it was nothing actually.
I finished my job. Then I opened the door slowly. I was released when I saw no one outside. I closed the door and went to my bedroom. When I arrived at the bed room's door, I felt someone was standing behind me. I turned my face. No one. The dog howled again. This time I was so scared so I opened the door and locked it. I switched on the light and ran to my bed.
I was so fear so I did not sleep until 5:00 AM.
My family got up around 6 AM to prepare things. I got up and I told them I would join them to pagoda. They were surprised for I had said I would not go to pagoda in Pchum Ben but they said nothing.
At the pagoda, I offered the food to the monk and whispered my grand mother's name. I prayed she would not anger with me and would not bother me.
Well, at night I had a peaceful sleep and had good dream.

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