Sunday, October 14, 2018

She Must Run

written by Chakriya PHOU

There is no choice. She has to run. Look!
There is a wolf. It follows her from the forest. She is lost and meets it by accident. It is hungry so it chases her to get her as its lunch. If it is not hungry, it will leave her alone. It is her bad luck to meet the wolf at meal time.
The wolf runs after her without stopping. Also, she runs without stopping. She does not want to end her life here.
The girl runs cross the hill, the mud and then she arrives at the river. What will she do? The wolf is coming now. She thinks she does not know how to swim and the river flow is strong. But if the wolf arrives, she will be dead for sure; if she goes into the river, she got 50% dead and 50% live. She has to try.
The girl goes into the cold water. She walks slowly. She looks behind. The wolf is standing on the bank watching her. Its face looks sad. Perhaps it realizes it has to find new food.
In the river, the girl is trying hard to protect the coldness and the strength of water flow. She thinks that she can save from the wolf so she cannot give up her life in the river. At last, she arrives at the bank.
Life is full of danger. She gets rid of wolf and water flow, but she meets with tiger. Yes, it is lunch time; the tiger will not free her. It starts to grin and walks toward her. Nothing can do besides of running. The girl runs. She knows that the tiger is great in running. She knows, but she has to try to give herself another hope to live. Well, it is impossible but it is incredible that she runs faster than tiger. She escapes. She runs and runs. The tiger becomes far and far and far away from her; therefore, it decides to stop following her.
The girl is saved again. She is exhausted. She stops under the tree and takes breathe. She rests.
At that moment, a lion appears. What? The girl needs to run again. It is more dangerous than meeting with wolf and tiger. The power of lion is very strong. She has no choice. She has to run. She wants to live.
The girl runs. In her head, she only thinks of the word ‘run’. She has to bet for saving her life or she will be finished. Can she escape?
Well, she is standing on the hill; wolf, tiger and lion are, here, surrounded her.
'Is it my ending?' she thinks. Yes, perhaps it is.
The girl is so upset. She thinks that it is unfair.
The wolf shows its teeth, also the tiger and lion do. She should be scared, but she becomes angry. She says, ‘I was born to this world to be happy, not to be eaten by animal.’
Can you guess what she does? you cannot imagine. She grins and shows her teeth back to the cruel animals. She shouts louder and louder. She opens her eyes big. As those animals step to be near her, she grins and opens eyes. The animals become fear when they see human attack them back. They turn their faces and run back to forest.
The girl saves her life. Anyway, she still cannot stop running. She is afraid that the animals will come to her again. She runs towards to the top of the mountain. She runs there because she realizes it will be the safety place. If she could stand on the top of mountain, she would be the queen of forest and no one could harm her.

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