Monday, October 22, 2018

Three Ladybugs

written & illustrated by Chakriya PHOU

There was a large green grass field near the mountain. There were many insects like grasshopper, butterfly, beetle, ladybug etc.
There were three ladybugs like to play on the grass field. One was green, one was yellow and another one was red. Three of them had black spot on their bodies.
One day, the red ladybug said to his two friends, 'We are friend for long time, but we don’t know who is the eldest or youngest.'
'It does not matter,' said the yellow ladybug.
'It is important,' claimed the red ladybug, 'If we know who the eldest is, then the eldest will have responsibility to protect the younger.'
'I agree,' the green ladybug nodded his head. 
'But, how?' stated the yellow ladybug.
The red ladybug thought for a while then he said, 'I have an idea. We have spots on our bodies, so we count those spots. Who has many spots, he will be the eldest.'
The two ladybugs agreed with this idea. They began counting the spot on body of the red ladybug first, then yellow ladybug and green ladybug the last.
The red ladybug had 22 spots. The yellow ladybug had 18 spots. The green ladybug had 23 spots.
The red ladybug and yellow ladybug exclaimed, 'You are the eldest, green ladybug. You have to protect us.' The green ladybug smiled and said, 'Okay.' The two ladybugs added, 'Also, you have to guide us to play.' The green ladybug said, 'Okay, let's.. play hide and seek.'
The red and yellow agreed. And the three ladybugs had fun together.

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