True Word was Bitter

written by Chakriya PHOU
photographed by Chakriya PHOU

     My relative invited me to her wedding.
    I wanted to make-up. I ever heard a salon 'Bella Salon', the women praised that it provided best make up but I forgot to ask about the address and I could not find in google.
     I thought for a while then I called to my friend, 'Hey girl, do you know Bella Salon?'
'I don't know? What's matter?' said my friend.
'I want to do make up. I heard that salon was good in make up,' said I.
'No need. You should go to any salon,' said my friend.
'I want that salon cause I want to be beautiful,' said I.
'I want to tell you that if your had beautiful face, you would be beautiful. If your face looked like a chicken, you were still ugly like chicken,' said my friend.
    Her word was so mean but I thought carefully. She was right.
    After that, I decided to go a salon near my house.

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