Wednesday, November 21, 2018


Written by Chakriya PHOU
Edited by Greg Bem

Sorry that I loved you. I could not stop my heart from loving you.
Sorry that I made you love me.
Sorry, I was a jealous girl because I loved you so much.
Sorry that I followed you everywhere. I was afraid that someone would take you away from me.
I’m so sorry. I did not wish to stop loving you, but it was because of you; you did not care about me. You made me cry.
Sorry that I made you love me and I changed.
Sorry that I began then I ended.
I just realized that we were not a match.
Sorry, we were at a fork in the road. You should find another girl.
Good bye!

Saturday, November 3, 2018


written by Chakriya PHOU

Tonight, I was so sad. I did not know why.
I tried to refresh my feeling by looking at beautiful paintings of shoes. Still, the hurt inside my heart did not disappear. It become more and more hurt. Why?
Tonight, it was raining. Rain had deep connection with me. I did not know but when it rained, my heart was like breaking into two and I started to be sad or cry.
Before, the painting of shoes could release all my hurt but now it was useless.
Time passed. I could not recall the past. But I could not forget it. It remained in my heart and head and it was difficult to delete it.
How could I erase the memory? The hurt memory that I did not want to remember. The memory that I did not want it to happen and I really really wanted to erase it from my life.
How long would my hurt end?
Tonight, the neon light brightened my room. I stayed in bed and I did my crying. Hope tonight would pass soon.

I Dreamt