Tuesday, February 19, 2019

A Book

written by Chakriya PHOU

Moni and Sorya are friend.
Moni is reading lover. She has a lot of reading books in her house.
Sorya already got married and has a kid. She loves reading too.
One day, Moni invites her friend to her new house. Sorya looks around the house and finds there is a tiny library.
'Can I go in?' Sorya asks Moni.
'Of course.' Moni nods.
Sorya enters the library. There are a lot of books. In a glass board, Sorya sees a book. She is surprised.
'Oh, it is the book I have been looking for.' She says. 'Can I borrow it?'
'I'm sorry. I has only one.' Moni says.
'Please, lend me the book. I want to read it.' Soryna begs. 'I promise that I will take care of your book.'
'You have kid. How can you protect my book?'
'I love the book. I hate if someone brokes my book too.'
Moni is silent. Sorya says, 'Please lend me the book for two days. I will not let anyone touching your book. Only me.'
Moni agrees.
Two days later, Moni calls to Sorya to ask for book back. Sorya says come to her house to take the book. Moni goes to Sorya's house. When she arrives, Sorya comes to talk with her:
'I am sorry. My kid tore your book.'
Moni is upset. She says, 'You did promise that you would take care of my book.'
Sorya responds, 'I did not know that my kid took the book.'
Moni takes a deep breath and asks, 'Where is the broken book?'
Sorya replies, 'It's broken. So I threw it to the bin.'
Moni is speechless. She leaves Sorya's house. She swears she will never let anyone touch her book for people cannot keep their promise.

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