Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Two Cows

written & illustrated by Chakriya PHOU

There were two cows. They lived with a farmer.
Everydays, they worked in the farm from early morning till evening.
One day, the cows had a conversation.
Cow 1 : I think our boss is not good to us.
Cow 2 : Why?
Cow 1 : He uses us a lots, but he gives us little food. When we are thirsty, we need to find water by ourselves. He is not poor. We help him to earn well enough for living but he does not care about us.
Cow 2 : Even though, he is our boss. We need to serve him well. We need to work hard for him.
Cow 1 was silent when he heard his friend's speech.
Days after, Cow 2 was sick but the farmer did not care. He used the cow to work in farm. Cow 2 became serious and died.
Seeing his friend, seeing his boss's action, cow 1 thought to himself :
'What is the use to work for such human? I should run to live in forest or I work for him till die. But if I run, my living will be hard because in the forest there are a lot of mean animals and I have nothing to fight with them.'
Thinking for a while, the cow made decision :
'I should not stay. Even though, the life outside is difficult but at least I am free, I don't need to work for someone who does not see my value.'
Then at night, the cow escaped into the forest.
As the farmer woke up in the morning, he found no cow. He felt nothing. He went to market to buy new cows to work for him.

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