Where Is My Treasure?

written by Chakriya PHOU

A farmer was plowing in the farm. There was a monk coming. The farmer was generous to offer food to the monk.
After receiving the food, the monk said to the farmer :
'You will get a diamond and big treasure.' Then the monk went away.
The farmer was so happy. He waited for his wealth. He waited and waited but no sight of it. He waited until old.
As the death approached him, he still thought about the treasure. He laid on bed. His mind said 'My treasure, my treasure.'
Suddenly, he had a dream seeing the monk he had met when he was farming. He asked the monk :
'My lord, where is my diamond and treasure?'
The monk said :
'What do you have?'
The farmer said :
'I have house and farm.'
The monk asked :
'What's else?'
The farmer responded :
'I have wife and 10 children.'
The monk said :
'What kinds of person are they?'
The farmer said :
'My wife is a good woman. She has good manner and personality. She is sincere to me; she helps me; she supports me. She takes care of children and family well. Talking about my kids, they are good. They help parents, they study hard, they don't do badly, they never make parents sad.'
The monk said :
'Your wife is diamond. And your kids are the treasure.'
Then the monk disappeared. The farmer thought, 'Poor me. I waited for treasure but I did not know that I got it already.'
The farmer was awaken. After that, he reached the death with smile.

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