Friday, March 22, 2019

Caterpillar and Butterfly

written & illustrated by Chakriya PHOU

A caterpillar is crawling on the leaf. He sees flowers are playing hide and seek with beautiful butterflies. He wants to play too. He crawls toward the flowers.
'Let me play with you,' Caterpillar says.
'No,' Flowers say. 'You are disgusting. Go away from us. We play with butterfly only.'
The caterpillar leaves sadly. He goes back to his leaf and cries.
Then there is a born-butterfly hearing his crying. She flies to the caterpillar.
'Why do you cry?' Butterfly asks.
'I wanted to join hide and seek with flowers and butterflies but they said I am disgusting. They don't play with me,' Caterpillar tells.
'Don't be sad, my friend,' Butterfly says.
'You can say because you are butterfly. You are beautiful,' Caterpillar says.
'Before, I was a caterpillar as same as you. Later, I became cocoon. And today, I am the butterfly. So, you too. Don't be upset. Today, you are a disgusting thing. Tomorrow, you will be a beautiful butterfly and maybe you are more beautiful than me and other butterflies,' Butterfly exclaims.
'Thank you,' Caterpillar says with smile.
'Never mind,' Butterfly says.
Then she flies.

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