Tuesday, March 12, 2019

I Don't Understand Old People

written by Chakriya PHOU

When I was young, I heard almost everyday, my parents and other old people in family said they liked kid succeeded in their own effort.
I remembered the word.
I wanted to be business woman but I did not have money so when I graduated, I worked and saved money. Then I started my own business. I rent a store selling cloth. I told my parents and the old relatives. I invited them to celebrate the store. They said nothing.
No one came to my celebration day, only my parents but they just visited and they told me to join the business celebration of my relative. I closed the store and went with them.
All relatives were there. They came to cheer.
I sat with my parents and grandmas and grandpas. I heard them talking :
'She is lucky. Her parents open this cloth store for her. It is 50 meter squares and has 2 floors. The product is imported from abroad. I am proud of this girl.'
Then the grandmas and the grandpas said to me:
'I heard you have a store, right?'
'Yes.' I replied.
'Your parents make it for you?'
'I worked and saved money to make it by myself.'
'What is it and how big is it?'
'It is cloth store. It is 2 meters square. And I rent it.'
'It is small. I thought it was your store but you rent. Where do you get your cloth from?'
'I designed it by myself.'
'Buddha, it is not brand.' The grandmas, grandpas laughed, 'You should better close your store and come to work in this store.'
My parents was upset, not with their words but with me.
We stayed there till the celebration ended. When we were on way back home, my parents said to me:
'I should not bring you. You make me lose face. You should close your store.'
I stated:
'My store is not big and is not brand, but I use my own money with my own effort. You don't praise me but you turn to be proud of her business that is used her parents' money. You old is strange.'
Hearing my speech, they were silent.

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