Friday, March 15, 2019


written & illustrated by Chakriya PHOU

In Room for G only
Manager : Rani, Sitha, Boravy and Hong go to room 17. Where is Boravy?
Sitha : She goes to bathroom.
Manager : Call her. Hurry up. The guests are waiting.
Sitha : Yes.
Boravy came in.
Sitha : Hey, the manager told us to go to room 17.
Boravy : What? I just had a rest for 5 minutes. I have served the guests since 5pm. 3 hours today. I am tired.
Sitha : Talk to the manager.
Hong : Hurry up or we will be blamed again.

In Room 17
Manager : Here the girls, Sir.
Man 1 : I want her. (He pointed to Hong.)
Man 2 : You. (He pointed to Boravy.) Come.
Man 3 : I need you. (He chose Sitha.)
A young man, looked at Rani. Rani went to sit on sofa next to him.

In Room 17
The girls poured drinks into glasses.
Sitha and the man sang. Hong and the man danced, the man put his head on her shoulder, his hands touched and squeezed her booties. Boravy was playing rock, scissor with her man. Rani sat next to the young man.
Young man : You want coke?
Rani : Yes. OK.
Young man poured coke into her glass. They clink the glasses.

In Room 17
Three men came in. One was about 40 years old and other two were in 20.
Man 2 : Do you want flower?
Man 5 : No. need.
Man 2 turned to two young men.
Man 2 : You need flower?
Man 6 : Yes, but don't bother to call more. Save money.
Man 2 : OK.

In Room 17
Sitha and the man sang. Hong and her man danced. Boravy and other men were playing rock-scissor. Rani was siting close to the man drinking coke.
Man 6 : You lost. Drink.
Boravy : OK.
Boravy drank wine from the glass. All in once. The men clapped.
Man 5 : I should go home now.
Man 2 : Your wife called?
Man 5 : I promised to take my kids to cinema tomorrow. So I want to go home to sleep or I won't be able to get up.
Man 2 : OK. Go.
Man 5 said bye to everyone and left.

In Room 17
Sitha and the man sang. Hong and her man danced. Boravy played rock-scissor with men. Rani was siting close to the man drinking coke.
Man 6 : Hey, it is not fun. Let's find something excited to play.
Man 2 : What's that?
Man 6 : We play rock-scissor. The loser will take thing on body out.
Man 2 : Great idea.
Boravy : Deal.
Man 7 came to sit next to the young man.
Man 2 and Man 6 played the game with Boravy.
Boravy lost. She took her ear-rings from ears. Lost again, she took watch from hand. Lost again, she took her brace lace, one, two, three, four, five. Lost again, she took ring of her finger, one, two. Lost again, she took her hair pin from head. Lost again, she took her gown. The two men clapped. Boravy smiled sweetly. She walked out from the sofa to stand in front of them and did cat walk. The men shouted with joy.

In Room for G only
Boravy was removing her make up then put new make-up.
Rani : Are you OK?
Boravy : I'm fine. Don't worry. I am fine. It's our career.
Rani : But I feel sorry for you.
Boravy : No need to. It's our Karma. I ever met the cruel more than that. I do this job for 5 years. I see everything. I meet everything.
Rani : Aren't you tired of this job?
Boravy : I am tired and I hate it, but I have no choice. My family needs me.
Rani : I feel unhappy when I sit with the men. I don't like their characteristic.
Boravy : You just worked for 1 year. There are more than that you will meet. You are lucky. You never met such beast.
Rani : Even though, I feel my body is bad after I slept with them.
Boravy : We don't have resource. Our bodies is resource. We need to use our resource. At least, we are better than thief.
The girl came in.
Boravy : You look happy.
Sophea : Yes. I got a lot of tips today.
Boravy : That woman comes to you again?
Sophea : Yes.
The manager came.
Manager : Boravy, room 30.
Boravy : Yes.
Boravy left.
Rani : You serve woman?
Sophea : Yes.
Rani : Really?
Sophea : Why not?
Rani : How?
Sophea : Do you want to try? It is very excited. I can introduce you.
Rani : No. I cannot.
Sophea (laughed) : You can if you say you can.
Rani : It is impossible. Woman and woman.
Sophea : It is not right to the nature. You want to say like this, right? (Rani nodded) For me, it is better to serve woman. I am enough with the men. They look down on us. They never consider us as human. We are not equal to the dog at their house.
Rani was quiet.

Days after.
In Room for G only
Manager : Boray, Rani and Hong, room 12.
Manager left.
Hong : Those guys come again.
Rani : Who?
Hong : The guys last week, room17.
Rani : They were like crazy.

In Room 12
Man 1 danced with Hong. Man 2 and Man 6 drank with Boravy. Man 4, the young man and Man 7 sat on sofa. Rani sat next to Man 4.
Man 2 : Drink one glass. I give you $ 5.
Boravy : OK.
Boravy drank all for once.
Man 6 : Superwoman.
Boravy drank 20 glasses of wine. She was strong. She raised 21st glass. Man 6 pulled glass out from her hand. The wine poured on her white gown. The bra showed. Man 6 squeezed her boobs. Boravy shouted. The two men laughed. Man 6 squeezed stronger and stronger. Boravy shouted and laughed. She jumped to sit on Man 2 legs. Man 6 embraced her from behind and squeezed her boobs. Boravy shouted. Look at her, she was enjoying the action. But Rani saw tears inside her eyes.

In Room for G only
Sophea : What's matter?
Rani : Nothing.
Sophea : You look so sad. Your family? I can lend you money.
Rani : No. Not. I just...
Sophea : What's happen?
Rani : I never afraid but today, I...
Sophea : Because those guests?
Rani : You know ?
Sophea : We all know what they did to Boravy. I ever served them. They did to me more than they did to her.
Rani : That's why you serve the woman?
Sophea : Yes.
Rani : I wanted to cry when I saw Boravy. You know? They are.. I don't know what to call them.
Sophea : We are animal to them.
Rani : Yes, they consider us as animal. No, lower than animal.
Sophea : Yes. We are not animal. We don't know what we are.
Rani : The woman gives you lots of money?
Sophea : Yes. She asks for only me. She comes. She is waiting for me in room.
Rani : What do you do?
Sophea : You want to try?
Rani lowed her face.
Sophea : She has a friend. I can introduce you to her. Come.
Rani followed.

In Room 33
Sophea : My friend. She is new.
Woman 1 : OK. Come.
Rani sat next to another woman.
Woman 2 : Call me Sam. I'm Cambodian but I like to be called Sam.
Rani : My name is Rani.
Sam : You have dinner yet?
Rani : Er...
Sophea : Not yet.
Woman 1 : Two of you?
Sophea : Yes.
Woman 1 : Oh, it's not good for health. Order.
Sam : Rani. Order. Order what you want to eat.

In Room 33
After having dinner, they sang Karaoke. Sam taught Rani to dance, Cha Cha Cha and Tango.
Sam : We should have a rest. You are tired.
Rani : No, I am fine.
Sam : Listen to me. Come to sit.
Sam brought Rani to seat. She ordered fresh orange juice for Rani.
Sam : You want to go out?
Rani was quiet.
Sophea : Go, Rani. I go out too.
Rani nodded.

In Hotel Room
Rani was siting on bed. Sam was having shower.
Rani watched TV.
Sam : Go to take shower.
Rani walked to bathroom.
Sam : Finish?
Rani : Yes.
Sam : Come.
Rani sat on bed next to Sam.
Sam : Don't be scared. I won't force you. I called you out to give time to you to sleep. If you are there, you have to stay awake whole night.
Rani : Thank you.
Sam : Good night.
Rani : Good night.

In Hotel Room
Sam : You get up now? If you want to sleep, you can sleep more. If not, go to take shower. The breakfast will arrive in 15 minutes.
Rani went to bathroom. When she came out, the breakfast was already waiting for her.
Sam : Come to have breakfast.
Rani : Yes.
Sam : I will take you home after breakfast.
Rani : Yes.

In Room for G only
Sophea : How is it?
Rani :She is nice.
Sophea : You and her?
Rani : Not yet. She said she did not force me and she really does.
Sophea : I told you. It's good.
Rani : Yes. I never feel like this before. She respected me. She served me like I was a precious.
Sophea : I tell you. I will go to abroad next month.
Rani : Really? With her?
Sophea : Yes.
Rani : You are lucky.
Sophea : Yes. But don't tell anyone. She asked me to quit. So from tomorrow, I won't come to work. She rents a flat for me.
Rani : I'm happy for you.
Sophea : Thanks. You should consider. We have rights to find happiness. If the man does not give us happiness, then it is fine to be with woman.
Rani : I will think.

In Room 33
Sam : How are you doing?
Rani : I'm fine.
Sam : You have dinner yet?
Rani : Not yet.
Sam : Then let's go to have dinner outside.
Rani : Yes. OK.

At Restaurant
Sam : Here, there are soup and BBQ.
Rani : I like BBQ.
Sam : Eat. You are so thin.
Rani : Yes.

In Hotel Room
Sam : Are you ready?
Rani : Not yet.
Sam : OK. So let's say good night.
Rani : You really don't want?
Sam : I want but I won't force you. Two of us need to agree or I won't do it.
Rani : You are so nice. No one was nice to me.
Rani cried.
Sam : I understand. I see. I know. That's why I don't force you. I can wait even 10 years.
Rani hugged Sam.
Rani : Thank you.

At Rani's Rented Room
Rani : Allo, mum.
Mother: Allo, your father is sick.
Rani : What's wrong with him?
Mother : Diarrhea. Now, he faints.
Rani : Carry him to village hospital. I will be there.
Mother : But money?
Rani : I will be responsible.
Rani checked her purse. Not enough.
Rani : Allo, Sam.
Sam : Yes?
Rani : Can I borrow your money? My father is sick and...
Sam : OK. Where are you?
Rani : I am at home.
Sam : I will arrive soon.

At Rani's Rented Room
Sam : Where is your father?
Rani : I told mother to take him to hospital in village.
Sam : Where is your hometown?
Rani : Kompong Speu.
Sam : Get on Car. I drive you to see him.

At Kompong Speu Hospital
Doctor : He is fine now. He is weak so let him rest and be careful about food.
Rani : Yes. Thank you doctor.
Sam came.
Sam : How is your father?
Rani : He is fine now.
Sam : I buy breakfast for you and your mother.
Mother : Thank you. I go to see him. You two talk.
Rani's mother went in to see her husband,
Sam : I paid already.
Rani : How many?
Sam : Don't worry.
Rani : I will pay you back.
Sam : I don't need your pay. Now, eat first.
Rani fainted.

In Phnom Penh Hospital
Sam : Doctor, how is she?
Doctor : She got HIV.

In Hospital Room
Rani : I know.
Sam : It is not the end of the world. There is medicine.
Rani : If I died, my family...
Sam : You won't die. I will not let you die. I need you pay.
Rani : You said you did not need.
Sam : Before. Now I want you to pay me back. Pay me with be strong, smile and never give up.
Rani : You don't hate me?
Sam : No. I love you more.
They hugged each other.

Rani quit. She worked with Sam. They travel to rural to teach villagers about HIV. Rani took medicine. She got salary and supported her family. Sam was the supporter. She encouraged her and made her smile all the time.
In people's sight, they were good friend. Only in their heart, they knew who they were to each other.

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