You Are Decision Maker

written by Chakriya PHOU

I met my old friends. We never met for years. We went to a café and chat.
Me : How are you?
Friend 1 : I'm very well.
Friend 2 : Not bad. And you?
Me : I'm fine.
Friend 1 : Are you married?
Me : No.
Friend 1 : Oh, you are 40 years now. Well, you live alone. You don't have children. You know when you become old, your life will be hard. If you had children, they would help and support you. Like me, I have 3 kids. They are good. They never make me cry or sad. Now, they graduated and got job with high salary. I live happily, they support me, I don't care about expense.
Friend 2 : I don't think so. (She turned to me) You stay single is the best. You don't have to worry about anything. You have full freedom. Me, I have 3 kids too. They cause me troubles everyday, since they were young till now. They earn money but they ask from me more. So, I think you choose to stay alone is right.
I listened to them. Their lives were differently so they gave me advice differently. Their advice was based on their experience.
Actually, it does not matter to get married or stay single, it depends on your own choice, what is the best.
After, we separated to our houses.

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