Wednesday, March 13, 2019

You Can Leave

written & illustrated by Chakriya PHOU

'You never say you love me.' I sent message to him.
'I am busy. Can we chat later?' He replied.
'Can you share your time?' I messaged.
'I am really busy.' He replied.
'If you do like this, I won't bear anymore.' I messaged.
'Please. I am busy. I am working.' He replied.
'You live for work.' I messaged.
'In here, work is life.' He replied. 'I am working.'
I saw him texting. I sent before him sending me.
'Well, then fall in love with work.'
'You make me bored.' He message. 'I am busy working.'
'It is 22:30 and in Tokyo it is 24:30. You still work?'
'Japanese is not like Cambodian. Cambodian is lazy.'
'I am Cambodian. If you want to blame me, say about me, don't say about Cambodian.'
'I did not mean that. I just said in general.'
'We have relationship 3 years. You are in your country. I am in mine. We can meet only by chatting.. but you don't have time for two of us and you don't spare your time for me and you...'
'I am working.'
'I and you have chatted less than 10 time during these years...'
'I am working.'
'We need to make conversation to keep our love alive...'
'I am working.'
'It is not silent love...'
'I am working.'
He stressed me. He grilled me. He made me bomb like a volcano.
'If so, let's not continue.'
'Yes, I am busy.. thanks.'
'No, I mean we break up.'
He was quiet for 5 seconds. Then he texted me.
'You can leave.'
OK. He said true word from bottom from his heart now. I felt like free arrow from a bow. I did not need to pressure myself every night to wait for his contact. It was what I wanted too.

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