Forget To Dream About You

written & photographed by Chakriya PHOU

I had dreamed about you.
Every night. You had appeared in my dream.
I had usually turned around pillow to make you have as same dream as mine.
It was when we were in love.
When you left me, I dreamed about you.
I woke up in the middle of the night and I cried.
I bite my mouth to blood, 'Although, I cannot let myself dream about you anymore.'
I threw away the pillow, not to let you come into my dream.
I was fine if my neck was twisted.
Even though I did not sleep on pillow, I still dreamed about you. But I had to sleep without pillow.
It became habit.
You disappeared from my dream.
5 years passed, you were kicked to death by fly.
One day, my friend asked me, 'What did you dream last night?'
I forgot. I knew I had a dream but I did not remember.
At night, I re-used that pillow. The pillow I had kept in underwear closet for 5 years.
When I awoke, in the morning, I remembered that I dreamed of my idol.
Last few days, I met you by chance. You tried to come near me. You said, 'Do you know? I have dreamed about you every night.'
I said to you, 'Sorry, I forget to dream about you because I am busy dreaming about Polin Super Pig.'

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