Thursday, May 9, 2019

Ghost's Lipstick

written & illustrated by Chakriya PHOU

It was already dark. It was 23:01.
Navy left office. She walked on quiet street to her flat about 500 meters from the office building.
The night was cold. The street was brightening by street lamps, enough to recognize things.
For 10 minutes, Navy stopped and looked around.
Why I'm here?
It was not road to her house.
What's happen? I lose way? How come?
She could not recognize location. She was in a block way. Around her were walls and only way, on her right hand. Navy decided to go that way.
It was like a way into cave. Navy had to lower head to walk through it.
About 5 minutes she got out of the way.
Yes, it is.
She was happy to see her office building in front of her. She walked to it then she found a store on the left. She never saw it. A new store, she thought. Navy wanted to go home but something made her went into that shop.
Navy opened the door.
A lady smiled. Navy smiled back.
It was make-up store. Navy walked around. Only lipsticks. She could not find brand on the lipsticks but the colors were awesome.
'Can I try?' Navy asked.
'Yes, of course,' Old lady said. She showed her the mirror. Navy walked to stand before and put red lipstick on her mouth. It was beautiful. The lipstick. It was red like blood. Navy smiled.
'Price.' Navy said to the lady.
'5 dollars,' Old lady said.
'Wow, good price,' Navy took out money from purse and gave to the old lady.
'Thanks. Enjoy,' Old lady smiled.
Navy left the store. She arrived home and went to bed .
Next day, she got up and prepared for office. She reminded of last night and she put new lipstick. Then went to office.
Her colleagues praised that her color lipstick was pretty and it stayed on lip whole day. Yes, right. She ate, she drank, the color did not remove.
In the evening, Navy left office at 17:00. She went to cinema. There was a famous film and the character was her idol. She did not mind to watch movie alone because she wanted to see her idol.
She bought popcorn and coke then she went into the hall. The boy at the door smiled to her and asked for ticket. She gave it to him.
'Only you buy ticket,' The boy said.
Navy went into the hall and found there were a lot of people in their seats.
Only me? Crazy.
Navy went to her seat. She was in 3rd row, in the middle, before the screen.
The movie started. Everyone was silent.
Movie was playing. 
Navy felt cold. And she felt the hall was strange-silent. She looked at a woman sitting next to her, on her right, and was surprised; she had red lipstick like her. Color, exactly the same. Navy turned to a man sitting on left. He wore lipstick too, red lipstick. Then people sitting in front-rows, turned their faces to her, they had same color lipstick. Navy stood up immediately. She looked around. They had same lipstick's colors and all of them smiled to her. 
Navy was scared to see their smiling. She tried to calm down her feeling and moved from her seat to the exit way. She arrived at the exit door. The boy looked at her surprisingly. She left the hall without a word and went to restroom.
She used hand removing lipstick from her mouth. The red color stained on her hand and it was like blood. But the lipstick was still on her mouth.
Navy used water to remove. The color was still on her mouth. Inside the sink, the water mixed with red lipstick became a red blood. Navy was shock. She ran out of the restroom. She left the cinema and went straight to where the store was.
She arrived but no store. The location was empty, just an empty land.
What's happen? Perhaps, I confused the location.
Navy walked around her office building to find the store. No shadow of the store. She was so scared. She tried to remove the lipstick but it was useless.
Navy was scared and shock. She cried and walked around the location. She had to find the store.
She walked from 18:00 till 23:00. She was back at the empty land. She looked at her watch.  When it was 23:01, the store showed up.
Navy rushed into the store. The old lady smiled to her. She ran to her.
'I want to remove the lipstick,' Navy said.
'Sorry, it cannot be removed,' The old lady shook her head.
'What do you mean? What is lipstick you sold to me?'
'It is ghost's lipstick.'
'It is lipstick from ghost and for ghost.'
'You sell ghost's thing?'
'Yes. And it cannot be removed.'
Navy was shock. She stepped back slowly. Then there were black shadows appeared behind her, wearing red lipstick.

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