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Marina and Fairy Land

written & illustrated by Chakriya PHOU

Author's Note

I have read fairy story and I like it
I don't know that it is real or not but I think it is awesome.
Obviously, this story is not Khmer literature because we, Cambodian, don't have such fairy in our literary. I just inspired and make a story to entertain readers.
The story is my creation. If it resembles other writings, it is purely coincidental.
Honestly, I am not skilled in drawing. I draw line on picture and edit.
Let me apologize for any mistake in the story.


A Tiny Light

Marina, a young girl, 10 years, sits in car back seat, with her three cousins, two boys and one girl. They are all playing and laughing. Her, she holds her book and sits quietly.
Her parents go to work abroad for 5 days. They keep her with Thary, her aunt and her family. They are going to have vacation at grandma's house at rural. She needs to go with them.
They arrive at the vacation house.
Sith, uncle-in-law, stops the car. Thary tells kids to take their bags to the house. Kids are very excited, except Marina. She walks slowly and quietly into the house.
Rooms are set. Marina sleeps with her female cousin while other boys take another room.
It is late evening. They have dinner at home. After, they watch TV in living room. Marina stays in bed room alone. She is on bed reading her fairy tale book.
A sound at the window.
Marina raises her face from book and looks at the window quickly. She sees a light, fast like a flash. She moves from bed towards the window. Nothing.
That sound again.
Perhaps it is hidden outside somewhere close to window.
Marina wants to open the window and a voice stops her, 'What's matter?'
Marina looks to the voice. It is her aunt standing at door.
'Nothing,' said Marina. 'I just wanted to open window to get air.'
'It is not good idea,' Thary smiles. 'Don't you want to come down to join with your cousins?'
'No, I want to read book,' Marina shakes her head.
'OK, good night,' said Thary.
'Good night,' said Marina.
Thary closes the door.
Marina turns face to window. She sees a small light flying and disappearing in darkness before her.
What's is that? Fire fly?


The sun is brightening. Sound of birds.
Marina opens her eyes.
Morning comes.
She gets of bed, goes to bathroom, takes shower, brushes teeth, dresses up and goes down stair, while her cousin is still in her bed.
The house is quiet except in kitchen. Marina walks to the kitchen. Thary is making breakfast alone. She goes to help her.
'What can I help you?' said Marina.
'Please help prepare plates on table,' said Thary.
Marina does as her aunt told.
The table is set. But members do not show up yet. Thary goes to wake up her husband and helps her kids. Marina waits at the table.
20 minutes later, the breakfast can be started.
After breakfast, The kids play outside and Sith is in living using his laptop.
Thary is preparing lunch and Marina helps her.
They have lunch then everyone go to room to take a nap.
As evening comes, Thary plans to bring her kids outside.
'You don't want to come?' asked Thary.
'No, I want to stay at home,' said Marina.
'We will come back until night. You are not scared?' said Thary. Marina shakes her head. 'Then what would you like to eat? I buy for you.'
'No, thanks,' said Marina.
'Close the door. Stay in house. We will back to have dinner with you.'
Thary leaves with her husband and kids. She is worried about her niece but she does not know what to do.
Marina reads book in bed room. It is little boring. She goes of the bed and walks to the window. She looks through the window. 
The beautiful green trees. 
Marina looks and thinks. She feels familiar with this scene. Then she runs to take the book from bed and comes back to the window. She looks quickly then she finds the page. The view in the story book is same as the view before her eyes.
How can it be?
Marina goes down, leaves house and walks through the trees.
It is amazing. She finds trees, bush, path as same as in the book.
Wow, I like it.
Marina smiles. She stops and looks around then looks into the book in her hand.
Did the writer or illustrator ever come here? Well, they should or they could not draw same scene.
While she is happy with what she found, there is a big wind grab book from her hand.
'My book,' Marina shouts and runs after the book. The wind blows her book to far and fall on ground. Marina quickly arrives and picks up her book. The book is spoiled with dust. Marina washes dust from the book. Then her face is up and she looks around.
Where am I?

Fairy Land

While she is standing, trying to find way to go home, there is sound cling, cling coming from her left side.
Marina turns face. Nothing she sees besides of vine plants.
But again, cling sound and it comes from behind the vine plants.
Marina walks slowly towards the vine plants. She moves it aside.
Cling. Cling.
A light. Yellow light. It is flying in front of her face. Marina looks carefully. The light comes near her. She opens her eyes big.
The light is a tiny girl with wings.
Fairy. Fairy does exist.
The fairy laughs and flying before her. She gives a sign telling Marina to follow her. Marina goes through the vine plants. It has a path. She follows fairy.
It is dark but the light from the fairy body brightening enough for her to walk.
She does not know how long but then the fairy stops and says to her, 'We are arriving.'
'You can talk?' said Marina.
'Yes,' fairy nods.
'Where are we?' said Marina.
'Fairy land.'
'Fairy land?'
'It is dark. I cannot see. Where is fairy land?'
'3 Steps.'
Marina moves her right foot, left foot then right foot. The light comes from where her feet are and brightening all.
'Welcome to Green Fairy Land,' said fairy.
Marina stands still. It is unbelievable. She is on fairy land, the mythical land can only be found in book but today she finds it, she is in it.
Amazing. Surprise.
Look, there are many fairies. They are coming to welcome Marina by falling flowers on her.
'It is incredible. I can't believe my own eyes,' said Marina.
'I did not introduce myself yet,' said fairy. 'I am Lily, fairy princess of Green Fairy Land.'
'Hello, I am Marina,' said Marina.
'They are all fairies of Green Fairy Land,' said princess Lily.
'Hi,' said Marina. And the fairies reply hi back.
'You are my guest,' said princess Lily. 'Let me be your guide. I'll show you our land.'
'Oh, great,' said Marina.
'Follow me,' said princess Lily.

Fairy Land Tour

Fairy princess Lily takes her guest around.
Marina enjoys the beauty of fairy land. Tree, grass, flower.
The cute tiny house of fairy. The door is same size with iPad's. Height of house is about 3 boxes of A4 paper.
Princess Lily tells Marina, 'This is house of fairy. They live separately. One house one fairy.'
'Their houses are same,' said Marina.
'Yes?' said princess Lily.
'I mean the style.'
'Oh. No, not all.. their doors are not the same and the colors are different too.'
'Well, sorry. It is small so I did not see clearly.'
Fairy princess smiles.
They continue.
'You are princess. So you stay in palace, right?' said Marina.
'Yes, but my palace is not big or tall. It is just a little bigger than fairy's house,' said princess Lily.
'Where is it?'
'We are going. Oh, we arrive.'
Princess Lily flies to the front then turns her face to Marina and smiles, 'Welcome to my palace.'

A tiny palace appears before her eyes.
'Your palace is so pretty,' said Marina.
'Thank you,' smiled princess Lily. Then she says with upset voice, 'So sad that you cannot enter. I want to show you inside my palace.'
'It's OK,' said Marina. 'Just look from outside, I am happy enough.'
'Our land is small if compare to your world. I have shown you all, almost all, places in our land. Later, my mother will make a feast for you.'
'You are princess. So your mother is queen.'
'Yes, my mother is fairy queen. Queen Rose.'
'Queen Rose.' 
'Now, let me show you the library, my favorite place.'
'Oh, you have library?'
'Yes, I love book. I love reading. Fairy loves reading.'
Princess Lily brings Marina to the library. Marina is glad. It is very wonderful that fairy has library. She wants to know what books the princess has.
'Here is the library.'

'Wow, so cute,' said Marina.
'And it is swing,' said princess and she flies to sit on the swing. 'Sometimes, I read book and do swinging.'
'Is it for only you or all fairies in the land can enter the library?' said Marina.
'All. They can go into library to read book and they sit on swing and read book too,' replied princess.
'I see.'
Marina sits on the ground and tries to look into the library.
'What books do you have?' said Marina.
'Let me show you,' said princess Lily.
The princess opens the door and goes into the library. Moment later, she comes out with a lot of books. She puts them on ground and flies into the library to bring more books.. again and again.
The books are small. It is hard to read but Marina is interested in beautiful designed book. She touches the books gently, one by one. Pretty books with different colors and they are colorful.
'I have a lot,' said princess Lily as she puts the books before Marina and flies to sit on the swing. She looks tired. 'I have art, history, story, science and bla bla bla.'
'You have science?'
'Yes, but our science is different from you.. it is science for fairy.'
'I see.'
'Here is my favorite books,' said princess Lily. She takes one book and flies before Marina and opens the book.
Marina tries to read but it is impossible because the letters are small. She can see picture of flowers in the book though she cannot recognize what the flowers are.
'Here is my favorite too.'
Princess Lily takes another book showing Marina. She shows many of books. She claims they are all her favorite.
It is long time. Marina looks at the sky. She cannot find the sun. Then she asks princess Lily, 'What time is it?'
'Fairy does not have time. But I think my mother is waiting for us. We should go.' said the princess.
'What's about the books?'
'Keep them here.'
'Aren't you afraid?'
'You mean thief? Don't worry. Fairy does not steal. Come on. We are late.'


Marina and princess Lily arrive at the feast. It is organized in park in front of queen palace.
As they arrive, all fairies are already there.
'Come and stay here,' said princess Lily. 
Marina stands where she is told. Princess Lily flies to stand next to a fairy.. well she must be fairy queen.
Fairy queen flies to Marina.
'Hello. Welcome to Green Fairy Land,' said queen Rose.
'Yes, hello,' said Marina.
'My daughter told me you are her friend. So I prepare the feast to welcome you.'
'It is my great honor.'
'Well,' fairy queen flies back to her seat and says loudly, 'the feast begins.'
The fairies shout.
Princess shows Marina her seat next to her and her mother.
Marina sits on ground. Table in front her is rock with full of fruits. She eats the fruits. Then the fairy serves her drink.
'Taste is great. What is it?' asked Marina to fairy princess.
'This is drop of dew mix with fruit juice,' said princess Lily.
'Good. So delicious and fresh.'
'Yes, fairy uses fresh and natural source.'
Group of fairies with different colors show up.
'What are they doing?' said Marina.
'They are performing,' said princess.
'Perform? Wow.'
The fairies begin performing. Marina watches it. The fairies fly in and out, fast and slow, to left, to right, to be circle or square.. beautiful and new.
'Are you happy?' said princess.
'Yes,' said Marina.
'You like this place?'
'Yes, I like it so much.'
'If you like, you can stay here.'
'Uh huh,' said Marina. She is watching the performance and replies to princess Lily carelessness. Princess Lily is glad when she heard Marina's answer. She looks to her mother. She smiles and the queen smiles back.

To Jail

The feast is finished.
Marina says to queen Rose, 'The queen, today I am so happy with the feast. May you receive my great thanks.'
'You're welcome,' said the queen.
'I have to say good bye to everyone,' said Marina.
'Goodbye?' exclaimed princess Lily.
'Yes, I have to go home now,' said Marina with smile. But princess Lily and all fairies look unhappy. For the queen, she has straight face.
'You said you would stay here?' said princess Lily.
'Oh, I meant if I could.. but I cannot because I have to go home or my aunt will be worried,' said Marina.
The princess is so sad. The queen shows hard-face.
Marina stands up and says to the queen, 'May I say good bye.'
The queen does not smile. She looks at Marina. Her eyes make Marina feels awkward. She turns face and begins to walk. Then the queen shouts, 'Take her.'
Hundreds of fairies fly up. Marina is so terrified. They attack her.
'What's happen? Why?' cried Marina. 'Help. Help me. Someone help me.'
Marina tries to chase fairies from her head and body.. but they are a lots. It is impossible to get rid of them.
The princess watches from her seat. She shows sorriness on her face.
The fairies use vine plants tie Marina. Now, she cannot move.
'Why you do this to me?' said Marina.
The queen Rose does not answer Marina. She orders the fairies, 'Lock her.'
The fairies pull Marina. Marina is scared. She cries to princess, 'Where you take me to? Lily, help. Lily.'
Although, princess Lily does not take action. She stays silent and turns her face away.

In Jail

Marina is tied and locked in jail.
She tries to bite the vine plants, but it is strong. Her teeth cannot break it.
What's happen? Why?
Marina questions herself. She does not understand. Why they don't allow her to go back home.
Thinking of home.
Perhaps aunt is worried. Perhaps she is trying to find me. She will call mother and parents will be worried about me.
Marina tries to break the tie. It is hard. It cannot be broken.
No, I cannot stay here. I have to go home. I have to leave here.
At the moment, princess Lily appears.
'How are you?' said princess Lily.
'How can you do that? What's matter?' said Marina.
'Sorry. We don't want to do that, but we don't have choice.'
'I want to go home. Please release me.'
'Sorry Marina. I cannot free you.'
'Why you do that to me? You want to kill me?'
'No, it is not, Marina. You are my friend. I won't harm you.'
'Friend? You call me friend? If I am your friend, how can you put me in jail and don't let me go home?'
'No, Marina. I really think you are friend. Believe me.'
'OK, I believe you. So free me.'
'No, sorry.'
'If I free you, Sakako will kill my mother and all fairies. I cannot let you go. I love my mother and my fairies.'
'You love your mother. I love my mother too. You have fairies. I have family. I love my family. I want to meet my family.'
'Sorry, Marina.'
Princess Lily leaves sadly. Marina is hopeless. She thinks about her parents. She misses her parents. She wants to leave to meet her parents. She cries.

The Snake

While she is hopeless and crying, there is a sound.
Hiss. Hiss.
The sound is from snake.
Marina raises her face and sees a snake is moving towards her. She is scared.
What should I do?
Marina wants to cry for help but then the snake speaks to her, 'Don't be afraid, girl. I come to help you.'
Snake can speak human language?
It is unbelievable. Thought only in movie, but it is in real life.
'Who are you?' said Marina.
'I am what you see,' said snake.
'What's you coming for?'
'To help you.'
'Help me?'
'Yes. You want to go home, right? I come to free you.'
'Why you help me?'
'Because I don't want to hear you crying. I live near here and you cry make me stress and I cannot sleep. So, I come here to release you.'
'Is it easy like this?'
'Yes, it is easy like this.'
Listen to the snake make Marina feels strange. Is it true? Can she believe it?
'Don't you have any plan to hurt me?' said Marina.
'If I want to hurt you,' the snake moves to stand in front of her, 'I can do it now. No need to waste time to help you.'
'You don't lie?'
'No, I don't.'
'So, no plan. Just want to help me?'
'Yes. Like I said. I am stress when I hear your crying sound. I cannot sleep. That's why I come to release you.'
Marina is quiet. The snake smiles. It understands she agrees.
The snake moves to Marina. It bites breaking the vine plants that tie her feet and hands. Marina is free now.
'Come with me,' said the snake.
'Where you take me to? You want to eat me?' said Marina, frightened.
'I take you out of the land. Do you know way to get out?'
Marina is silent.
'I don't want to repeat my words. Follow me.'
The snake moves and Marina follows it. It uses the way underground. Marina is afraid but she has no choice. She does not trust the snake but she cannot rely on anyone besides of it. She has to take risk, follow the animal to dark and narrow routine.
Not so long, they got out. Marina looks around and recognize it is entrance of cave where she met the fairy princess.
'Go in there. You will get out,' said the snake. 'And don't come back. I need to sleep.'
'Thank you,' said Marina.
'Don't mention it,' said the snake and it turns back to move away.
'Wait,' said Marina.
'Are you python?'
'Don't stress me. Go.'
'Well, I just want to know.. um.. human has name but you are...'
'My name is Sakako. Leave.'
'OK. Thanks again.'
The snake moves. Marina walks into the cave. Half of way. Then she reminds something.
Sakako? Familiar name.
'Oh No.' 
She runs back.


Marina comes back. She hears voice of the fairies, 'Sakako comes. Run.'
Marina increases her speed. In front of her is dark. As her feet step out of the cave, the light shows up.
Marina is scared.
Before her, the snake is chasing the fairies. Some of them are bitten, broken wings, falling on the ground.
The snake turns face to her and shouts with angry face, 'Why you come back? I told you not to come back. Get out of here.'
Marina is so afraid of the snake. She wants to leave but as she sees the fairies crying on the ground, she decides to stay to help.
'You lied me.' said Marina to the snake. 'You said I made your stress and could not sleep that's why you helped me. In fact, you are Sakako. You come to kill the fairy. You helped me because you wanted to kill them.'
Ha ha ha, the snake laughs.
'Then what? What can you do to me?' said the snake. 'You should not involve in my business. Leave or you are my food too.'
The snake moves very fast to Marina. Marina is terrified. It jumps, showing its teeth to bite her but suddenly a stone hits its head.
The snake falls to the ground. It wants to come to Marina again but there are stones coming from all directions. The stones are thrown by princess Lily and fairies.
Snake cannot bear with the stone. It escapes quickly.
As the snake disappears, Marina goes to raise the injured fairies up. They are all gather in front of the palace of queen Rose.
Princess Lily comes to Marina, 'Thank you so much for help us.'
Marina nods.
Then the fairy queen comes to her.
'It released you, right?'
'Yes,' said Marina.
'Why you came back?'
'I did not know. I was on my way out. Then I remembered Lily ever said Sakako would kill fairies if I left so I came back.'
'May you accept my thank and apology,' said the queen bows to Marina.
'No, don't do that, the queen,' said Marina.
'We all hurt you but you came to help us. We are sorry,' said princess Lily.
'It passed. Now, I want to know. Can you tell me why you lock me in here? And is it related to that snake?'
Queen Rose takes deep breath and begins, 'Our land is in dark for long time. Sakako usually comes to eat us once in a while. It can see in dark but we cannot see. When you arrived, our land was brightening. So we want to keep you here forever.'
'I see,' said Marina. 'It means if I leave here, the land will be in darkness.'
'Yes,' said princess Lily. 'As you saw. We could not fight back unless we had light.'
'I want to help, but I cannot stay here forever,' said Marina.
All fairies face down.
'I don't force you. You helped us. I won't keep you here. You can go as you wish,' said the queen.
Hearing this, Marina feels difficult. She wants to help the fairy but she cannot leave her family too.
Marina stands up. All the fairies are sad. They put their faces down and cry.
The queen is sad when Marina steps on.
Marina walks about 3 steps. Then she stops and looks back. She looks at all the fairies and princess Lily, her friend.
Princess Lily is crying. Marna walks to her and wipes tears from her cheek.
'Marina,' said princess Lily.
'I cannot stay forever, but I can stay until you get rid of Sakako,' said Marina.
All fairies smile. Princess Lily flies up to hug Marina.
'Thank you,' said the princess.
'OK, now.. First, we need to know why the land is dark and then we will find way to light up the land,' said Marina looks at the queen. 'I think perhaps you know the cause.'
'I don't know,' said Queen Rose. 'But perhaps the Bright Fairy Land knows it.'
'Bright Fairy Land?' said Marina.
'Yes, they are living next to us. Their land has light. Our land and their land before were one,' said the queen.
'So we go to ask them,' said Marina.
'We cannot go because it is far and dangerous,' said one fairy.
'We have to cross the mountain and bubble sea to reach the Bright Fairy Land,' said another fairy.
'It's OK. I go,' said Marina.
'I go with you,' said princess Lily. 'Mother, let me go with Marina.'
'Yes,' the queen smiles and nods.
'But if I leave, the land will be dark or not?' asked Marina.
'Yes, once you steps out of the land,' said the queen.
'Then Sakako...' said Marina.
'Don't worry. It was injured. It may not take action for a while. We will be safe. But you have to come back before it is healed,' said the queen.
'I will,' said Marina.
'Come on. Let's go,' said fairy princess and she starts to fly.
'Take care,' said the queen.
Marina and fairy princess starts their journey to the Bright Fairy Land.

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