Thursday, June 27, 2019

Tiger And King Of Hell

written & illustrated by Chakriya PHOU

A tiger died. Its soul went to underworld. It met with the king of hell.
The king of hell opened scroll to see what tiger had done while he was alive. Then he said to the tiger:
'You go to 18th hell.'
'Why?' said tiger.
'Because when you were living, you killed animal for your food.'
'If I did not kill, how could I survive?'
'You could survive by eating fruit or leaf.'
'If I were born to be animal eating fruit or leaf, I could eat. But I were born to be a meat-eating-animal.'
'Then you could eat dead animal.'
'Hey man,' tiger stood up, 'I was not Socheata.'
The king of hell, '!!!'

Note : Socheata is one of Indras' wives, king of heaven. In Khmer literature, Indra has 4 wives, Socheata is first wife. 
When Indra was a human, he did a lot of good deeds. The three wives joined with Indra. Only Socheata thought that her husband did good deed, he would received fortune and  she would receive the same; therefore, she did not do anything, just stayed in house.
When they died, Indra became king of heaven and three wives became his wives at the heaven. Only Socheata was born to be a heron. Indra was pity her so he came to tell her to eat only dead fish. The heron followed his instruction. She maintained 5 precepts, for many lives. At last life, she became wife of Indra, the first wife, living in heaven together with the Indra and other three wives.

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