Love Is Giving

written by Chakriya PHOU

In a city, at night, there was a shooting.
It happened along the bridge where people, especially youth, gathered for drinks and having fun.
There was a couple of young lovers. The boy covered his body on his girlfriend. 
When police arrived, they were covered by blood. They were checked and found out that they had no any injure. So, where the blood came from?
Not far from them, they found a body with several shooting on his. He was friend of boyfriend of the girl. He was shot to dead.
Boy and girl were so shock and felt sorrow.
When they came to his room, they found a lot of photos of the girl.
Actually, he was in love with the girl but he did not confess because his friend also loved her. At that night, he used his body to protect two of them. He wanted the girl he loved to live happily with the man she loved. 

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