Friday, September 13, 2019


written & illustrated by Chakriya PHOU

A girl named Kanha, mean September.
She was upset.
What she said, no one listened.
What she told, no one believed.
What she spoke, no one paid attention.
She was sad.
She ran to high hill and cried.
Then there was an angel appeared and asked her why. September told the angel and asked her why. The angel replied, 'Because you have no power. Because you have no money. Because you are not famous.'
September was so sad when she heard. Yes, correct. She had nothing and she was no one.
'But,' exclaimed the angel, 'although, you should say, you should tell, you should speak when you are sure you are saying good word, you are telling the truth, you are speaking with good will. The people might not see goodness inside you but the universe note your good deed.'
Listen to the angel's statement made September happy.
The angel disappeared.
September awoke. She had slept and dream. She smiled and walked down. She sang on the way :
In the middle of the night, the stars are twinkling.
I cry to awake the sky.
Then it gives me reply,
Why I should care when I don't tell a lie.
People are stupid and blind.
They cannot see truth.
They don't like to hear truth.
Why I should care when I like to say true.
Happy when I don't make-up a lie, when I am always true to myself and everyone.

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