Ghost In Hotel

written & designed by Chakriya PHOU

This happened when I traveled to Battambang province for business trip.
I went with my business partner. We booked a big hotel in the province for one night. My room was next to his room.
At night, I was falling asleep. The room was quite cold. It was dark, for I switched light off.
I was sleeping on bed, covered my body with warm blanket.
Then I felt of awaking but my eyes kept closing. I just ran my hand up and down over the bed. Back and forth. Suddenly, I felt my hand was not running over bed. It was over something else. Like a flesh. Like a body of human.
I jumped to get up and hurriedly clicked the light button which was on wall, over the bed. Ding. Nothing. I was on bed alone. No person next to me.
I was unable to believe that. It was sure I had touched a human body. So, I lifted the blanket. Do you know what did I see? It was a potato.
I wondered who forgot potato on my bed. At that moment, I did not think of anything just about my partner that he might want to prank with me. I laughed. I took potato and walked down from bed. I went into bathroom and threw it into dustbin. After, I came back to bed, turned off the light and slept in darkness.
Then I heard sound. It was from bathroom. It was a sound of dustbin falling down to floor. After that, something was crawling out of dustbin, moved to the bathroom's door. I heard sound of bathroom door open. Later, that thing crawled over floor towards my bed. Afterwards, the sound of crawling disappeared but I felt that thing was on my bed, at ending of my feet. That thing patted mattress, PANG PANG.
I quickly raised my hand to the light button. Click.
A woman with long hair was sitting at the ending of my feet, on the mattress. Her hair covered half of her face. I could see her big round eye, size chicken egg. Her hand was put on mattress, and there was blood on her hand.
It was like a flash camera. She disappeared so sudden.
I sat up. I washed my eyes. There was nothing on bed even in the room. Only me, alone in this room.
I was little bit nervous because I hadn't met that before. I decided back to sleep with light on the whole night.
Morning, I got up. I went into bathroom and found the dustbin fell on floor. I looked into that and found there was no potato inside.
I took quick dress up and went off the room with my luggage.
When I reached the car, I told my business partner. He said to me that I should go to pagoda. I agreed. Then we went to pagoda in the city to pray and offer food and money to the monk. He also asked the monk to bless me with water then we left for Phnom Penh. 

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