Dog Is Honest, Pig Is Smartest

written & photographed by Chakriya PHOU

I am a teacher. I am assigned to go to school at one village in a province. My class is grade 4.
First day, I arrive at class, I give question to my pupils before I start lesson.
My question is, 'What animal do you like? Why?'
I give 10 minutes to my pupils and then I receive answers papers.
Among those, I am interested in answer of one pupil. He writes, 'I like dog and pig because dog is honest and pig is smartest.'
I don't give point to him yet. I write note under his writing that, 'Why do you say pig is smartest? Who tells you?'
Then I return papers to pupils and I begin class.
When it is break time, I go to teacher office then come back to class before bell ringing 5 minutes. I find a paper on my table. I sit down on chair and I take a look. It is paper of previous pupil. He writes reply under my question, 'My grand father told me. He said pig is the smartest animal because it finds out that all animals will die to be food of human so it chooses to live easy life when it is alive, eat and sleep.'

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