Story Telling From Japanese Ex-Friend

written by Chakriya PHOU

I had a Japanese friend. We had dispute so we unfriended each other.
Even though, he was still good friend to me if looking back to while we were friend.
He encouraged me when I lost hope.
I remembered his telling stories that had helped me go through tough period. Among all stories, there was one that I favored so much.
It was short, and it was true story, not fairy tale.
'In 2011, when Tsunami hit Japan, there was a baby survived but her father died. The baby was sent to her mother and grand mother. Once they got the baby, mother said she would take care and raised her baby well though it was hard.'
He told me that there were many people had hard lives - more than me - but they never gave up. 
And this story brings me energy to fight when I meet difficult time and I have used it to encourage myself.

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