Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Two Friends

written by Chakriya PHOU

There were two friends. One named Sok, one named Sao.
They were driving motors to their hometown. They stopped and had Khmer noodle along the way.
Sok was eating and noticed Sao did not eat and was thinking deeply.
He concerned so he asked Sao, 'Why don't you eat?'
Sao took a breath and said, 'I am thinking.'
'Thinking of what?'
'I want to know feeling of a person who got hit.'
Sao just finished then BANG. His face was down into bowl of Khmer noodle.
It was Sok hit his back of head. When Sao raised face up from the bowl, he asked Sao, 'Now you know?'
Sao nodded.
'So,' said Sok 'finish your noodle.'
Sao did not reply and hurriedly ate the noodle from his bowl.

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