Monday, April 6, 2020


written & illustrated by Chakriya PHOU

I was asked why I stayed single. Mostly, I stayed quiet because I did not know how to reply.
My life...
Since I was kid till I aged over than 30, I always heard my parents say, ' You owe me. In this life, you will not be able to pay me all, so at least pay me some.'
What did I owe them? They gave birth to me, they fed me, they looked after me, they protected me, they spent money to raise me including dress, food etc and they sent me to school. There were more.
So, I had to pay some of my debt as they said by following whatever they told me to do. Could not object.
Because it was called family honor, that's why I could not express to outside.
I could only wishper in writing.
In my opinion, if I got married, I would have kid then I had to take care of family, I would have no time to pay my debt to my parents. Moreover, I did not want to do, what they did to me, to my kid.

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