Monday, April 20, 2020

How Can I Tell You?

 written by Chakriya PHOU

There was a man. He was poor. He worked in farm of a millionaire.
That man liked reading book. He read book whenever he was free. Money he earned he saved to buy new book.
The millionaire laughed at him.
40 years later, there was a big surprised, the poor man became rich in just 7 days. He had bigger house than the millionaire, he had more servants than the millionaire, he had more farms than the millionaire.
Even he was rich, but he still loved book. He built a big house in yard to store his read-books.
The millionaire was jealous that the poor guy became richer than him. Although, he wanted to know the secret he could be rich fast.
So, at night, he collected his men, full of weapon, to the man's house. He threat the man to tell him his secret to become rich fast. The man said, 'How can I tell you?' 
The millionaire was angry so he commanded his men to burn the book-storage. He thought that the man would be sad but he was normal. This made millionaire wondered so he asked, 'You love book. I destroy your love-thing. Why you are not sad?' 
The man said to the millionaire, 'I am not sad because every single word in book is in my head.'
Then the millionaire claimed, 'Now, tell me secret to become rich fast.' 
The man said, 'Sir, I don't know how to tell you.' 
The millionaire was angry to hear that. He yelled at the man, 'Tell me now or I will kill people in your house.'
The man said to the millionaire peacefully, 'Sir, I can become rich in a blink of eyes because I have read the books. The books that you just burned. If you want to know, you have to read those books.'
Hearing that, the millionaire was shock. He regretted. Then he remembered and said to the man, 'You said you remember all words in books, tell me.'
The man said to the millionaire, 'Sir, I spent 40 years read those books to become rich today. If you want it, you have to listen to me for 40 years.'
The millionaire was quiet. He was thinking, the man was 60 years old and he was older than him 5 years old, if add more 40 years, he was 105 years old, but could he live until that age?
The millionaire took deep breath. After, he released the man and people in his house and called his men to retreat.

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