Thursday, April 30, 2020

Solei And Jampei Tree Spirit

written by Chakriya PHOU
illustrated by Thy OU

There was a family, father, mother, daughter - named Solei - and son. They lived in a small house. Inside the yard, there was a tree of Jampei flower.
Mother of Solei usually prayed to spirit of Jampei.
Years after, the parents died, leaving Solei and her youngest brother. Before die, mother of Solei told her not to forget pray to spirit of Jampei.
Solei respected her mother word. She prayed Jampei spirit everyday.
Since her parents passed away, she lived poorly and her brother was serious sick.
One night, she dreamed a lady wearing beautiful cloth came to talk to her, 'I'm the spirit of Jampei tree in your house. You are good girl. You respect your mother word and pray me everyday. Now, tell me your wish.'
Solei sat up and prayed to the spirit, 'Please help my brother.'
Jampei spirit said, 'Are you sure?'
Solei said, 'Yes.'
Then Jampei spirit was silent for few seconds before she claimed, 'I help your brother, but I save your wish. If you want to change, come to me anytime.'
Jampei spirit disappeared and Solei got up. She thought it was not just a dream, it was surely Jampei spirit came to help her.
From that, her brother became better and better and got well. 
Solei worked hard to give her brother to school until he finished high education.
After he graduated, he worked and became rich. He bought new house in city. He asked Solei to live with. Solei thought of her brother so she left to live with him, but she kept old house; she did not sell or rent it.
At brother house, Solei did housework because she wanted to save money for his brother. 
Long after, her brother changed. He looked down on her, he blamed her, and he considered her as housemaid. Although, she was patient because she loved her brother.
Then her brother got married. His wife also did not respect Solei because she saw her husband looked down on her, but Solei did not care, she told herself she did for love.
One year later, they got a son. Solei's work increased. She did housework and she took care of her nephew.
Everyday, her brother went to work, his wife stayed home less, she often went out.
One day, Solei sister in law went to salon. She left 6 months baby with Solei.
Solei put baby to bed and she went to kitchen because it was almost lunch time. She was busy in kitchen, she did not know her nephew woke up and was getting out the bed. He fell down to floor, hit his head with floor, and cried. Solei heard him crying running fast from kitchen to baby. Her sister in law arrived and carried her baby. Then husband came on time, he asked why his baby cried. His wife put all blames on Solei that she did not take care baby. Brother was angry, suddenly he slapped Solei face and scolded her, 'Bitch. Useless.'
Solei did not cry, but in her hear was full of fire. She did not say anything. She walked out of house immediately back to her old house. She knelt down before Jampei tree and claimed, 'Spirit of Jampei, please help me. I want to change my wish.'
Then spirit of Jampei appeared and asked, 'Are you sure?'
Solei said, 'Yes, I'm sure.'
Spirit of Jampei nodded, 'Well, I will.'
Next, spirit of Jampei returned time to when her brother was young and sick. 
Because his illness was serious and Solei had no money to bring him to doctor. Not long, he died.
After, Solei worked hard and year after, she could open grocery shop - at her old house - and she could live happily until she died.

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