Sunday, April 5, 2020

Still Fake

written & photographed by Chakriya PHOU

Honeybee is one of natural sources in Cambodia. Well, though, there are still cheaters selling fake honeybee to people. The honey bee - in bottle - is mixed with sugar.
After, citizen believes that if they want pure natural honeybee, they need to go to forest and ask beehiver to take beehive - from the forest - for them. But still, some beehivers cheat by injecting sugar juice into beehive - while they are in forest - and hand beehive to customers.


Sok and Mao were friend. Sok lived in province and Mao lived in Phnom Penh.
One day, Mao visited Sok at his province. Sok took his friend to market. There, Mao saw honey - in plastic bottle - and he wanted to buy for his wife. Sok told him that, 'That honey is fake. If you want to find pure honey, you have to buy at forest. I know someone whom goes to take honey from forest. I usually buy from him.'
After hearing, Mao asked Sok to bring him to see that guy. Sok took Mao to meet him. Sok asked that guy to take honey for Mao and the guy agreed. 
Three of them went to forest. The guy went into forest and Sok and Mao waited at edge of the forest.
Half an hour later, that guy came back. In his hand, there were natural beehives.
The guy squeezed honey from beehives into empty pure drinking bottle.
Mao was happy that he got pure natural honeybee. 
He, suddenly, remembered that he did not ask price so he said, 'How many?'
The guy stated, 'One bottle is 50 USD.'
Mao heard it. He wanted to make joke with him so he said, 'Why is it expensive? White sugar is cheap now.'
Then the guy claimed, 'My beehive does not use white sugar. I use palm sugar. You know, palm sugar is expensive because nowadays there is few farmers produce it.'
Hearing his claim, Mao opened his mouth. Also Sok.
It means it is not natural beehive even, see with own eyes, it is taken from the forest.

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