What Do They Do To You?

written & illustrated by Chakriya PHOU

I wanted to be reporter, but I passed application to be translator in magazine company instead.
Though, I was happy because I could work in media company.
According to law - law of newspaper in Cambodia - all workers, both reporter and translator, in magazine and newspaper needed to take two weeks training 'How To Write Peaceful Article'.
I did not know anything related to report-news.
I was hungry to know about it.
First session teacher, he was experienced reporter. He worked as senior in famous newspaper. 
When he arrived in class, he did not teach yet, he played game with learners.
He said to all of us, 'Please tell me which day, from Monday to Sunday, you don't like.'
He asked each of us to express.
'I don't like Monday.'
'I don't like Tuesday.'
'I don't like Tuesday too.'
'I don't like Friday, especially when it's Friday 13th.'
My turn was last. I said, 'I don't like Wednesday.'
After, he said, 'Thanks. Well, I have another question to all of you, what do the days do to you? Why you don't like it?'
All of us stayed quiet.
'Does it steal your thing?' He said. All of us shook head.
'Does it break your love?' He said. All of us shook head.
'Does it kill your parent?' He said. All of us shook head.
'So, what bad thing the day do to you that cause you don't like them?'
No one answered this question. We all stayed silent.
'The days, seven days in a week, do not do anything bad to you, but you don't like any of them. It means you cannot produce peaceful writing news.'
What he said shock us.
Teacher laughed when he saw our face expression. Then he claimed, 'Don't be panic. That is why you all are sent to study here.'
The class laughed.

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