Tuesday, May 26, 2020

When I Want To Find Peaceful Place

written & illustrated by Chakriya PHOU

It was stressful to drive car to work and back home.
I spent about 2 hours to reach my house that was just about 10 kilometers from my office.
Traffic was crazy in crowded Phnom Penh.
I saw rich people, they had chauffeur. Well, they could maintain their brain health especially with driving.
I wanted to have chauffeur too. I wanted to have peaceful moment while I was traveling on the road. But I did not have money to hire chauffeur.
One day, I got idea.

Yes, I did not have money to hire person to drive my car for me, but I could to pay person to drive for me. 
Do you understand?
In Cambodia, there is a kind of transportation called Tuk Tuk or Cambodian calls motor-carriage. 
I decided to take it to office.
The driver lived near my house. He also drove my family members.
When I was sitting on his carriage, he said to me, 'Why don't you drive car today?'
I was hesitated to answer this question. I did not want to tell or explain anyone about my personal thinking or way of living.
Then he said, 'Your car goes to garage?'
I did not have choice, I said yes to this question.
'Your car is old. I saw.' He continued. 'You should buy new one.'
'I don't have money.' I said.
'Your family are rich. Why you said you don't have money.' He laughed.
It was non-sense statement that I did not like to hear.
I really hate people saying that my family or I was rich. I hate people talking about my money.
I was not happy with his saying so I claimed, 'Yes, we are rich.. but our money is not from magic. We need to work hard to earn it.'
Hearing my reply, he was quiet.
I arrived at office. I paid him and entered the office.
I did not like him, motor-carriage driver, so next day, I chose to take motordub (motor taxi)
There were motordub near my house.
There was one recommended by my family.
In the morning, I went to corner to find him. He was not there. Another was. 
As I reached, he called, 'Need motordub?'
I said, 'Where is uncle Mao?'
Mao was named of motordub my family recommended to me.
'He drove customer.' He said.
I did not want to be late, so I chose to hire him.
'OK, take me to my office.'
He smiled to me. But then he said something that I did not like, 'You should not call only Mao. You should call other because we need money too.'
I felt not happy with his speech. Like I said, I did not like people talking about money, also commented me how I used my money.
Although, I replied him with smile, 'I am owner of money. I have rights to choose motordub that I like.'
And he was silent.
I got on his motor and he drove me to office.
After met two incidents, I thought. I wanted to have peaceful time. I did not want to be stress in driving. I hoped I could stay peacefully in motor-carriage or on motor, but they did not allow me to relax. Between stress driving and money question, I chose to be stress in driving.
After that, I turned to drive car to office.

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