Tuesday, June 30, 2020


written & photographed by Chakriya PHOU

What is common saying of seller?
My thing is good.

I would like to tell you a thing had happened between my uncle and a seller - woman - sold durian.
Story took place in Battambang province.
My uncle traveled to Battambang for business with his business partner.
Day before he came back to Phnom Penh, he went to market to buy thing - anything that could not find in Phnom Penh - for my grand mother.
He strolled around for a while then his eyes caught durian. He walked towards it.
The seller was glad to see customer. She promoted her durian to my uncle.
'Mr., please buy my durian. It is good. It's Cambodian durian.'
'Where is it from?'
'From Pailin.'
In Phnom Penh at that time - 25 year ago- had only durian from Kampot. Uncle wanted grandma to have new taste.
'Is it really good?' My uncle said.
'Yes of course, it is good. It is sweet.' Seller claimed.
'Well, if it is not good?'
'Then you can bring it to me and take your money back.'

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Ghost Woman On Road

written & designed by Chakriya PHOU

Is ghost a myst? I don't know.. but I believe it exists since I experienced once.
It was last three years.
I volunteered in one NGO.
One day, I was assigned to travel to Takeo province for two days. I went with my two seniors, by organzation's car.
On second day, we finished late so we left for Phnom Penh around 9pm.

Friday, June 19, 2020

Fx Case

written & illustrated by Chakriya PHOU

In an old building - very old - there was only an apartment living by a man. His name was Time. He was single and stayed alone. His apartment was his home and his office.
Just looked at where he lived, it could be seen clearly that he did not earn much. Yes, he is a private detective. He worked for himself; he worked for pleasure; he worked because he liked. Money was not his priority. Still, he needed money to survive, at least to buy instant noodle.
Few months ago, there was no customer and his instant noodle almost ran out. He hoped a customer showing up today or he would starve to death.
Sitting in his chair, he heard noise. It was foot step. According to his experience, he was sure it was sound of high heel so his customer was a lady.
Due to his brain, she should be rich herself or maid of someone rich. 
Time smiled when he thought about this.
His customer was walking up the stairs. She needed to walk slowly because the stairs and way were full of dirt and garbage. Also, it was not brightening. Time wished she would not take wrong step and fell over stair.
It was more than 5 minutes to finish the stairs and walked along dirty and smelly corridor to reach the door.
Time sat waiting patiently.
Door bell rang.

Thursday, June 4, 2020

A Love Story

written & illustrated by Chakriya PHOU

It is a summary of love story of Reka and Dani.
Yes, both of them are women.
It started when Reka was at seven years old.

I Dreamt