Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Ghost Woman On Road

written & designed by Chakriya PHOU

Is ghost a myst? I don't know.. but I believe it exists since I experienced once.
It was last three years.
I volunteered in one NGO.
One day, I was assigned to travel to Takeo province for two days. I went with my two seniors, by organzation's car.
On second day, we finished late so we left for Phnom Penh around 9pm.
One of my senior was driver - he named Ren - and another one - he named Mork - sat next to him; and I sat at back seat behind the driver.
The sky was dark. The road was dark too.
Brother Ren did not dare to drive fast because there were holes on the road. It was quite quiet. Vehicle happened once in 10 minutes.
I did not recognized where we arrived, but I thought we were middle of the way.. and I saw something, on the street, from distance. Not only me, but also everyone.
'What is that?' Brother Mork asked.
'I don't know.' I replied.
'Let see when we go closer.' Brother Ren said.
Then we arrived closely and we saw a woman with long hair, wearing white shirt and dark blue, waving hand.
Brother Ren stopped before her. Brother Mork opened car window.
'What's wrong, sister?'
'I want to go home. But I cannot find any transport.' The woman said.
'Where is your house?'
'Near Ta Mao mountain.'
'Go to Ta Mao mountain?'
'No, no.. just at corner of road to the mountain. It is along national road.'
Brother Mork turned to look at all of us.
'What do you think?' He asked.
Brother Ren looked at me. I understood they wanted to ask for my idea so I claimed, 'I'm OK. But ask her that she agrees to go with us or not.'
Brother Ren and Brother Mork nodded head.
Then Brother Mork turned to talk to her, 'We can give you a ride, but we are all men,.. so...'
'I'm fine with that.' The woman said quickly.
'Okay then.' Brother Ren said and gave sign to her to come in back seat.
The woman was glad. She smiled and she came at the back door. I unlocked and opened door for her. She came in to sit next to me and said thank you before she closed the door. Then the car continued driving.
Since she came into our car, it became strange. Whole.
Before she arrived, we had chit-chat. As she came in with us, we did not talk. Why? Because we felt not well. The car became so cold that we almost froze. Furthermore, our head seem were blocked that we could not think of anything.
Three of us sat still - and Brother Ren drove - until we arrived closely the road turn into Ta Mao mountain, the woman disappeared from our car then we awoke. We became normal. I looked at the seat and told, 'She disappears.'
Brother Ren and Brother Mork turned to look at same time.
'No, watch the road, Brother.' I called Brother Ren.
'Sorry.' Brother said and concentrated on the road, but his mouth opened, 'I did not stop. How?'
'I don't know.' I shook my head.
'She is ghost.' Brother Mork said. 'Speed.'
All of us were surprise and little bit fear to hear that. We believed Brother Mork say; she was ghost.
Even though, the car could not be much sped because the road was not smooth.
All of us stopped talking. Each of us recited Buddha's dharma in mind.
It was so clear. We saw with our eyes. We met dead person. It was scary. Also, we were scared that she was following us or another dead person on the road blocked our car, so we asked for Buddha help and wished we arrived home soon and safety.
About half hour, we reached border of Phnom Penh. We felt release. On the road, there were several vehicles. At least, we were not alone, so we felt better.
According to NGO rule, staff could not take car home. We have to make car parking at office on the day we arrive even it is night. Brother Ren usually respected, but tonight was different. He set us at our home then he took car to his house. Because he was still scared. It was already midnight. No one did not want to go home especially after such scary thing happened.
In the morning, I went to office. I acted normally. Brother Ren and Brother Mork did not talk anything too.
At lunch time, Brother Mork suggested to pagoda for the monk water spray and we agreed.
Water spray from the Buddhist monk, in Cambodia, is believed to chase away bad luck. If we meet ghost, it means we are bad luck so we have to receive water spray or we will be sick or got trouble.
I did not have concern water spray was effective or not, but one thing I believed was the ghost exists and they stay with us on this world.

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