Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Friend Human, Friend Dog

written by Chakriya PHOU

Talk about a man, Sok, a farmer, lived with wife and daughter.
He had a dog. He loved it so much. He usually took dog with him to the farm.
Sok had best friend named Sao. He usually visited Sok.
One day, Sok brought the dog to farm with him from early morning. When they came back home in the evening, they met with Sao at the gate.
'My friend.' Sok called. 'How are you?'
'I'm very well, friend.' Sao spoke.
It was suddenly, the dog barked. He barked strongly towards Sao, also he grinned showing his teeth to him.
Seeing that, Sok was surprised. He shouted at the dog.
'What are you barking for? It's my friend. Don't you remember.'
Sao laughed and said, 'I think he is old that's why he forgets me.'
The dog still barked and ran to Sao. Sok jumped to block the dog and kicked it.
'Go away. Crazy dog.'
Few days later, Sok went to farm with the dog. When he came back, he found Sao was at the gate.
'Hello, my friend.' Sok greeted Sao.
Again, the dog barked strongly and was about to bite Sao, but Sok blocked.
'You are crazy. What are you doing? He is my friend.'
Sok kicked the dog with his strength. Then he brought Sao into house.
The dog looked at his owner with sad face. He lowered his face after that walked to cow cage.
There was an old cow, seeing all event. When the dog came near, it said, 'How poor you are.'
The dog did not say anything. It fell his body on ground and slept head on its' front legs. It took deep breath.
The cow saw the dog was really sad. It pitied it a lot. It tried to persuade.
'Don't be sad. He kicked you because he was angry. After, his feeling got well, he will come to you.'
The dog still did not reply.
The cow continued, 'I understood that you want to protect the owner, but he is his friend, and you have met him many times, how can you not remember him?'
Hearing that, the dog rose head and stated to the cow, 'I remember him. Not only his face but his smell.'
'So, why you wanted to bite him?'
'Because he steals our owners'.'
The cow was surprised to hear that.
'Are you sure?'
'I am clear.'
'What do he steal?' The cow was curious.
'He steals his wife and daughter.'
The cow cried GOD loudly even Sok and Sao was chatting inside house could hear it, but they did not care, they continued their talk.
'Are you sure?' The cow asked.
'Yes.' The dog confirmed.
The dog took another deep breath.
'You know that I am dog. My nose is competent of remembering smell. I live with owner for years, I remember well his smell, his wife smell and his daughter smell. Last time, when I met with him at the gate, I smelled of owner wife smell over his body and today, I smelled of owner daughter smell over him. That's why I want to bite him because he cheats on our owner.'
After listening to exclamation of the dog, the cow understood.
'I'm sorry friend.' The cow said. 'I stay in cage behind the house. I don't know anything.'
The dog lowered its face.
'I don't understand, cow my friend. I have lived with owner since I was young until now. I am loyal to him and his family. He also sees my heart. He knows that I will not do anything with no reason, but he does not pay attention, he does not even consider why I bark and want to bite his friend. He should see there is problem. But he turns to blame and kick me.'
The dog looked so sad. He returned to sleep on its feet.
'Don't be sad, my friend.' The cow stated. 'The owner is human and we are animal. He does not understand our languages unless you speak his language.'
The cow statement was reasonable. The dog got better. It should not blame its owner because, like the cow said, he did not understand its barking.
The dog rose face up and asked the cow, 'So, what should I do then?'
'Let find another way to help him to find truth.' The cow said.
The dog nodded.
After talking, Sao left house happily.
The dog watched that guy from corner, with grinned teeth and beast eyes.
Sao saw the dog. He hurriedly left through the gate.

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