Human Fortune


written & photographed by Chakriya PHOU

Long time ago, there were four men searching for way to get rich fast and easily. They met by chance and decided to join adventure together.

They found a hermit in deep forest. Four of men knelt down before the hermit and told about their aim.

After hearing, the hermit said, ‘I have way to help you earn money easily.’

The men were happy. They asked the hermit to tell them. The hermit agreed.

He brought them to hut. One person stayed in one hut. After he started his teaching.

The hermit instructed first man to utter one sentence of Dharma. He said one sentence, he would get one cent.

Then hermit went to instruct second man to write Dharma. One written sentence would bring him one cent.

After, he went to third man. He taught him to say Dharma in mind. One sentence, one cent.

Last, he reached for fourth man. He told him to walk one step and say one sentence of Dharma.

The four men noted the instruction then paid goodbye to the hermit.

They traveled back to their home. When they approached cross road, they asked each other about teaching from hermit. They were surprised for it was same Dharma sentence. Four of them remembered and said goodbye to each other.

As they reached their home, they tried what they had learn. It was really effective. They got money when they practiced. They practiced today, day after they got money. The men were so happy. More they practiced, more amount they got.

Days after, they felt bored. They thought their way were difficult. They reminded about their friends’ tactic. They thought it was easier. So, they tried their friends’. First man practiced second man’s way. Second man practiced third man’s. Third man practiced fourth man’s. After, they waited for result. Nothing happened. No money came. The men wondered. Then they changed to use other tactic of their friends. No money came to them. They changed again. Still no money arrived.

The four men pondered. Later on, they decided to go back to hermit. They met each other and they told what had happen when they practiced not their way. They were surprised to learn they got same result. The guys were curious so they went to ask the hermit together.

The hermit heard their question and replied, ‘In this world, there is no easy or fast way to earn much money. What I taught you is called easy and fast way to earn money, but not to earn much money. Also, each person has own fortune. I instruct you following your own luck. If you want to be rich, you have to keep on practice your own tactic and do saving.’

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