Boiled potato and dried radish


- Sweet dried radish

- Sugar

- Lemon

- Chili

How to make

- Slice salted dried radish put into a tiny bowl.

- Slice chili and put into radish bowl.

- Put sugar.

- Cut lemon and squeeze juice into bowl of radish.

- Stir it.

Steamed potato with Spicy, sour sweet radish

Nothing special. After getting it, I just bite the steam potato one and eat a piece of the radish one.

Steamed potato is bland, and the radish is sweet, salty, sour and spicy. It means this dish has five tastes. Quite good.

Disadvantages of this food

It cannot be eaten much and the following people should not eat it:

- Old age

- High blood pressure

- Obesity

One more thing, this food will make you thirsty, so please drink a lot of water but not cool water or soft drink because these two kinds of drinks will cause you to have a sore throat.



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