Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Four Tastes of Life

During Phnom Penh lock down because of Covid-19, I have found this kind of recipe. It is not special, just combine of two daily simple cuisine of Cambodian.


- Potato

- Salted dried radish

- Sugar

- Lemon

- Chili

How to make

- Steam potato until it is cooked.

- Slice salted dried radish put into a tiny bowl.

- Slice chili and put into radish bowl.

- Put sugar.

- Cut lemon and squeeze juice into bowl of radish.

- Mix it well.


Steam potato is bland. Radish is mixed of salty, sour and spicy. Well, because sugar is put little, so sweetness cannot be found.

Hence, I name this four tastes of life.

It cannot be eaten every day. Just once in a while when I need thing to motivate my feeling.

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