How I study business without going to university

I am old. I don't want to be an employee for my whole life, so I resigned and started to think about doing business. But doing business is not easy; it requires a lot - especially knowledge/understanding the business.

My chance to go to university to study business is impossible, but I don't give up and I try to find a way to learn business without spending a penny.

Of course, I found it. It is a family's history.

My family has a business background, especially my grandparents - both parents of my mother and father.

Hence I decided to study about them - how they did business and the way they managed their business.

Not only about business but also about life, society and humanity.

Let's start with my grandfather - father of my mother.

My grandfather was born in 1935, at Phnum Den, Takeo province. He was a second child, he had an eldest sister and youngest brother.

His father (my great grandfather) came from China and married his mother (my great grandmother) who was half Chinese Cambodian. 

His father died of disease when he was young. There is no record when he died.

Because of poverty, his mother sent him and his brother to a pagoda to study the alphabet. 

His brother could eat prohok (Khmer fish paste) but he didn't, so his mother sent him dried fish and sausage. 

There was a monk about his age stealing his food. My grandpa was angry; he hit that monk then he left the pagoda. Because of this, he did not know the alphabet for his whole life - while his brother stayed in the pagoda and he could read and write letters.

After leaving the pagoda, my grandfather was sent to live with his third aunt.

His aunt was a married woman. She and her husband had a store selling groceries.

Daily, since the early morning, my grandfather had to walk across mountains to get the eggs for sale in the store.

He stayed with his aunt until he became youthful, then he left to work with a distant relative who was a taxi driver carrying passengers and luggage from Phnum Den to Tonlorb market and vice versa which my grandfather assisted to call the passengers for him, carrying luggage etc.

It is where my grandfather met my grandmother.

Talking about my grandmother's side.

I was told to call father of my grandmother 'great grandpa Uy' and mother of my grandmother 'great grandma Hem'.

Great grandpa Uy originally came from China when he was fifteen years old. Then he married great grandma Hem who was a Khmer one hundred percent meaning her parents and ancestors were originally Cambodian.

Great grandpa Uy and great grandma Hem had five children, all of them were girls, and my grandmother was the fourth child.

I heard that great grandpa Uy sold Chinese noodle at Tonlorb market, but I don't know if he did this business since he arrived in Cambodia or after he got married to great grandma Hem.

For great grandma Hem, I just knew that she was skillful in making Khmer cakes, and she taught her daughter, especially the eldest daughter.

Then great grandma Hem died of sickness (at that time, my grandmother was very young).

To help earn for the family, the eldest sister (of my grandmother) taught all younger sisters to make cakes to sell at their father's store.

The distant relative of my grandfather knew my grandmother's family for too long. He noticed my grandmother, so he introduced her to my grandfather.

My grandfather listened to him, he brought his mother to come to ask great grandpa Uy.

At that time, people around told great grandpa Uy to not approve by saying that my grandfather was poor, but great grandpa Uy didn't mind about that, he agreed to marry my grandmother to my grandfather.

After marriage, my grandmother went to live with my grandfather at Phnum Den.


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