Boil pumpkin, steamed egg and spicy fish sauce

It is my hobby to create a new dish based on what I have in my kitchen.

Like this one I make it from boiled pumpkin, steamed egg and sweet-spicy fish sauce.

Nothing special, just put the pumpkin meat and steamed egg on a plate then pour the fish sauce over them.

Honestly, it is good for the first. After taking a few chewing, my tongue is sticky and cannot feel any taste

It's because of the pumpkin and the yolk.

I can tell you that it is not good taste and I don't think it is good for the old age and high blood sugar people because:

  • Pumpkin is sweet.
  • Yolk is sweet.
  • Fish sauce is sweet.

These three combinations make the food become sweet and sweet and sweet.

Though it is hard to eat, I have to finish it because it is my own creation.

It takes time, you know; and after eating it all, I swear I will not make this food anymore.


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