Do you reall need many followers or subscribers?

Most people think that having many followers or subscribers helps promote their career but I don't think so.

According to my experiences, having a lot of followers or subscriber is nothing because most of them are following or subscribing me in order to call me to follow or subscribe them back - not because they like my channel.

Here are the real examples.

1. I had a book publishing house. I created its Facebook page. There were more than 500 followers.

Later on I published my first book with about 500 copies. Since it was published 5 years ago, I have sold about 200 copies only.

2. I have a YouTube channel. It has 6k subscribers. When I post a video, I check the view, there are less than 100 views. Furthermore, according to traffic analysis, 70% of viewers are not my subscribers.

In conclusion, having a lot of followers or subscribers does not mean you are successful. So don't try to get them, it wastes your time. Try to make a good content. Though you don't have followers or subscribers, you can still earn even a notice.


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