Sunday, May 9, 2021

4 Safe Ways To Get Fair Skin

I don't want to talk about white or brown skin. I want to speak about not pretty skin, such as dark spot, rough etc.
If your skin is not fresh, smooth, then you can try this three ways.

1. Eat Mango

If in Cambodia, it is not hard to find this type of fruit. There are several kinds of it. The kind I want to recommend is sour-sweet mango.

That mango can remove dark spot on skin. Just eat it plain, don't add sugar or salt.

No need to eat everyday. Once in a month is fine.

2. Drink Apple and Pear Juice

This is very awesome drink. Delicious and good benefit to reduce dark color of the skin.

If you can drink it everyday, it is great. And one day is one glass.

3. Stay under Shade

Sun light can ruin your skin. So don't go out often.

If you cannot avoid and need to go out, please wear long dress to cover your body skin, and don't forget wear hat to protect your face.

4. Live in Cool

If you are in cool country, it is very good. 

If you are in hot weather country, good way is to stay in room with air conditioner.

Stay in cool room can help your skin too.


These are very safe. 

Only one problem is that you have to spend long time, and operate everyday to get the effectiveness.

Decide by yourself. If you want to try, then you do.

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