Thursday, May 20, 2021

Honeybee helps me stop diarrhea

Honey of bee is very good home-remedy. 
I got diarrhea after I had no sleep for two nights. The illness did not stop, I went to toilet several times in a day. I hurt inside my stomach. I did not want to eat anything because I was afraid of going to toilet. I felt exhausted. Then I saw honey-bee in my fridge, so I took it and ate one spoon. I noticed that I did not go to toilet anymore.

I wanted to make sure. Next time, when I got diarrhea, I took honey-bee suddenly, and I found the diarrhea was stopped.

Base on my experience, I can say the honey-bee is purely good natural medicine to heal diarrhea. It is really effective.

Way to use

- Pour honey-bee into a rice of spoon and eat it raw

- Don't drink water or eat anything after taking it

- Wait at least 15 minutes to half an hour, then you can drink or eat


- One day, should take only one spoon

- Better to take it morning or afternoon

- Don't take it much, just 3 days only 


It is for small illness only. If your diarrhea is strong, you should go to see doctor.

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