Monday, May 10, 2021

If you are healthy, you have diamond in hand

People usually neglects about important thing in their lives. They know what it is and how important it is, still they don't pay attention.


I don't know.

So, I write article to remind about significant thing in life of human. It is health. My will is to tell everyone to take care of health with good living habits as below.

1. Do Exercise

Please work out regularly.

It prevents you from illness; it strengthens your health; and it keeps you younger than age.

2. Drink Warm Water

Warm water is very best. If you don't like warm water, normal temperature water is good too.

Please avoid cool water.

3. Don't Smoke or Drink Alcohol

Come on. Stop it now. It is not good for your health and it brings harm to you in near future.

If you stress, try other activities such as reading book, go for a walk, go hiking, play sport etc.

4. Get Sun Light

Sun light in the morning brings vitamin D to your body. So, take your time at least 15 minutes to stay under morning sunlight.

5. Sleep Early

11 pm is considered as late hour for sleeping. You should not stay late more than this. Try to free yourself from work, even it is not finished yet, and go to rest in bed.

Take full sleep, then you have enough energy and fresh brain to make your work done.

6. Be Happy

Yes, important part to keep your health good is to be happy. Don't allow stress or worry or anger to access your mind. Ignore what makes your mind not peaceful. Try to smile - and smiling from heart.

When you feel depressed or unhappy, try to find way to boost your mood like listen to music, play sport, chat with family or friend, exercise, gardening etc.

Money can buy you medicine, but it can't buy you health.

Hence, if you have good health, please treasure it. Don't ruin it underneath bad manners such as drink, smoke or drug. If you take care of it well, it will bring you great fortune. If you don't, it will be late to regret.


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