Saturday, May 8, 2021

Virgin Coconut Oil Grow Hair

I fall hair due to health condition.

My hair becomes thin and I can see my head almost becomes bald. 

Really scare. 

I have heard about coconut oil's benefit, so I tried it, and I experience it's good.

Hair begins to grow now. I am glad. 

Let me show your my way to use coconut oil for hair growing:

- At night, before I go to bed, I take shower and shampoo normally. Then I put coconut oil on my fingers and pat gently on my head. I practice like I do massage my head.

- I leave it on head one night. In morning, I wash my hair.


- I do once in two weeks because my hair is oily type. Apply coconut oil frequently on hair can cause more falling.

- I use few drops of coconut oil only. 

- It works better if you sleep in cool room, with air conditioner. If you sleep in hot room, it makes you sweat, and coconut oil can block your sweat pore, and it may cause trouble.

- I don't keep it longer than one night. In morning, I rush cleaning it away or it makes my hair dropping more.

Virgin coconut oil is natural remedy. It takes time to make you see the effect. You have to be patient if you use this kind of natural medicine.

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