Sunday, May 30, 2021

What does it mean, if you dream about ghost


When you sleep, you may have dream.

Some people think dream is normal, no need to care about. But some people think it may want to tell or warn about something.

It depends on your own belief. It is not right or wrong, neither it is true or not.

Such as dream about ghost.

In Cambodia, ghost dream can be interpreted into several kinds of meaning. Some believe that there is problem coming to them. Some say it is a good sign. Some say it is because of our mind; if we are happy, then we will not dream about ghost.

For me, I have my own interpretation related to dream about ghost, and it is based on my observation.

Ghost appears in my dream telling me that I will become sick.

I have noticed it for years and I find it right, within my own condition.

Not only ghost, but also spirits. In summary, not-human.

When I dream about that creature, I know immediately that any of my body will be not well. I may got flu, I may got headache, I may hurt my stomach, I may hut my arm, I may ache my heart etc.

Some people say they will be sick if they dream about ghost, but they will be fine when that ghost is their relative or ancestor that passed away. Well, in my own situation, whoever, if they are not human, I will become not well if I dream about them.

This is what I want to present to you.

Like I mention above, it depends on yourself.

If you believe, it exists.

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