Friday, June 25, 2021

Personal experience to increase blog view

I am writer and blogger from Cambodia.

I cannot say I am successful in this career - because I gain less traffic of view.

But I know there are writers/bloggers around the world that meet situation like I do, so I want to show my experience, hope it will help the same fate people.

My blog starts from zero view, nowadays, I've got about ten views a day. For me, it is very great success.

In order to gain this ten views, I have spent for almost one year and used a lot of assisted-sites.

My method is, after I write, to share my article on:


I have Facebook account and page, and I share on both of them. 

My audience from Facebook account is my friends. Friendship can be an effective weapon to get success in any career or business. At least, two of my friends will click to read my article, then I gain two views after I post article ten minutes.

Facebook page is a place I meet with people I don't know. It cannot give big success, but at least, I can gain view. Perhaps one view after sharing three days.


I share on this site too.

Tweet daily or at regular time can give number of view and it will increase days by days.


This site is good to share article also. I share on it after I post article on my site. Sometimes, after I post. Sometimes, one or two days later.

I notice, at least, one member clicks to read my article.


I bet people know about this site. 

It is good place to share the blog-post. If you have many connections, then you can gain much view.


For Cambodian people, they know less about this site. I met it by chance, and I decided to become member of it and yes, it helps my number of view growing.

These are sites that I have used.

Like I mention in above, it is my own experience and situation in Cambodia.

If you want to gain views, you have to read many articles then you have to think and do base on your own situation and location.

Thanks for reading.

See you next.

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